King of Fighters 13 Online Players List


PSN ID: AirLancer
Country/Region: Okinawa, Japan
Main team: Kula/K’/Robert


SRK Handle - G.Synthesis
Gamertag : Gsynth
Console - 360
Country.Regoin - USA, East coast
Main team : No idea yet


SRK Handle: kupo
Gamertag: cerzzz
Console(s): PS3
Country/Region: Portugal, Europe
Main Team: K’ / Elisabeth / Yuri


SRK Handle: pjj5001
Gamertag: pjj5001
Console: Xbox/360 but I only have KOF for 360 atm, but I do have a PS3 and will purchase a copy if someone wants to regularly play with me.
Country: USA/NJ
Main Team: No idea

Brand new to the KOF series since I’m bored of the current line up of capcom games. Want to learn, get better, make friends, etc etc


SRK Handle: RossCo
Gamertag: RossCoBrit
Console: 360
Country: UK (Leeds)
Main team: Clark, Kyo, Terry

I am absolutely terrible at this game, played 3 won 0. But if people are getting started and want to grind some games out to improve feel free to shout.


SRK Handle: Poret
Gamertag: ThatKidPoret
Console: 360
Country/Region: New Jersey
Main Team: EX Kyo and whoever else I fell like playing


SRK Handle: Alternate275
Gamertag: CR2 Alternate
Console(s): 360
Country/Region: Georgia
Main team: DuoLon, K’, Shen Woo


SRK Handle: Vlad7779311
Gamertag: Vlad7779311
Console(s): PS3
Country/Region: Tallinn, Estonia
Main team: Still building a team, but I pick EX Iori, King, Mature, Elisabeth and Billy Kane a lot.


SRK Handle:…?
Country/Region:Florida,USA(originally NY)
Main Team: Leona, K, Kyo, Robert, Ralf, Vice, Mature,Iori(or alternate flames)Terry,Andy


SRK Handle: DrunkenSnake
Gamertag: Drunken_Snake
Console(s): PS3
Country/Region: EU, Czech Republic
Main team: Ash, Kyo, Ryo/Leona (not my final team though, still not decided who to play)

Looking forward to some matches since I have yet to see a proof that this game actually has an online! D:


SRK Handle: Mxyzptlk
Gamertag: MxyRealm
Console(s): Xbox
Country/Region: US/ So. Cal
Main team: Yuri, Kula, Kim

I just got the game so I’m pretty terrible


SRK handle: Theanimefan101
Gamertag: theanimefan101
console: XBOX 360
Country/Region: Kansas, USA
Main Team: K,Takuma,Clark


Gamer Tag: SoleChris
PSN ID: SOleChris2012
Console: XBOX3606/PS3
Location: East Coast, NC
Main Team:Half the Cast


Greetings everyone: My former PSN ID is the “Great_Dark_Hero” Here is my new information:

Gamer Tag: Great Dark Hero
PSN ID: Dark_Ice_Saiko
Console: PS3
Location: Wiesbaden, Germany
Main Team: ???/Mai/Hwa - It does not matter what team it is, you WILL see Mai Shiranui on it.


SRK Handle: Jaybiggs08
Gamertag: Jaybiggs08
Console(s): PS3
Country/Region: Bronx, NY
Main team: Leona, kensou, flame-less iori
Sub team: Robert, Maxima, Mature


PSN ID: Moonchilde
Console: PS3
Location: New Mexico


psn: furyXT
location: south GA
team: depends on the mood. lol


SRK Handle: Starmony
Gamertag: Starmony
Console(s): 360
Country/Region: Oahu, Honolulu, Hawaii. USA
Main Team: King,Mai,Iori


SRK Handle:BbRaBBiiTT
Gamertag:xXx2 SliickxXx
Country/Region: New York,New York
Main team:King,Iori,&,Kyo


SRK Handle: Jesterhat84 (Old account was deleted :frowning: - Mostly lurking since then…)
PSN ID: Jesterhat84
Console: PS3
Country/Region: France, Europe
Main team: Kyo, Iori and [King/Terry/?] - Still trying to find a 3rd character I feel comfortable with.
Also: Coming from SSF4, am a complete scrub at KoF13…