King of Fighters 13 Online Players List


SRK Handle: Ryuhaku_Todoh
Xbox live Gamertag: Section Eiht
Country: Ontario, CANADA
Main Team: Hwa Jai, Ryo, King

Noob to KOF XIII


SRK: Violent Ryo
PSN: Violent_Ryo
Currently in Pakistan, Asia
Profile Team: Ryo Robert Takuma/Mr. Karate (Art of Fighting Team), and others in non ranked matches


SRK Handle: SuicidalGrandpa
Gamertag: Sir Web Slinger
Console(s): Xbox
Country/Region: Oregon, US.
Main team: Yuri, Mr. Karate, Shen

Starting out at the moment, but love the game. down for long sets or quick matches.


SRK Handle: skooksAKAskooks
PSN: skooksAKAskooks
Console: PS3
Region: Virginia, US
Profile Team: K’/Ash/Claw Iori, though Ash is the only one I don’t swap out regularly. I also use Shen, EX Iori, Kula, Kyo, and Ryo fairly often.

I’m pretty new to fighting games, and this is the first KOF I’ve played, so I suck pretty hard. But I have a lot of fun with this game anyway, so I don’t mind losing a lot to gain experience.


SRK Handle: Tevin T@lB@iN
Gamertag: Tevin_Talbain
Console(s): Playstation 3
Country/Region: Florida, USA
Main team: Yuri/K’/Andy


SRK Handle: DontTaseMeBro
Gamertag: D0ntTaseM3Br0
Console(s): Xbox 360
Country/Region: Saginaw, MI, USA
Main team: Athena/Yuri/Kyo


SRK Handle: Tye@l
Gamertag: Tyeal
Console(s): Xbox
Country/Region: Northwest Las Vegas
Main team: Ralph(K’)/Hwa Jai(Benimaru)/Shen Wu(Terry)


SRK handle: Bob199
Gamertag: B0b199
Console: Xbox360
Country/Region: Taiwan/Asia
Main Team: King/Hwa/Joe


SRK Handle: Haltonia
Gamertag: Haltonia
Console: XBOX
Country/Region: Manchester, England
Main Team: non existant


SRK Handle: Jesse
Gamertag: jesse4thrash
Console: PS3
Country/Region: NorCal


SRK handle: MCWafflmyxx
Gamer tag: OniNiKana6o
Console: XBOX360
Region: Boston
Haven’t picked a team yet. Just started playing the game, needless to say I am pathetically awful.


SRK: LowLight 1614
PSN: Lowlight1614
Still learning, so far I’ve been using K’, Terry, Kyo


SRK: Cartr1dgeBased
PSN: Cartr1dgeBased
Region: Boulder, CO
Team: Hwa and still working on the rest

I’m pretty new to fighting games but have been playing alot of KoFXIII and SSF4AE the past week or two and am looking to improve. New to sticks too, but been loving my Q4.


SRK Handle: ParrotProphet
Gamertag/XBL: ParrotMan01
Console: 360
Country/Region: California, the southern region of it.
Main Team: Kula, King, and I’m still working out a third character. Feeling the game out as you will.


SRK Handle: <–
Gamertag: Try2HandleThis
Console(s): Xbox
Country/Region: Berlin, Germany
Main team: Hwa, Saiki, Ryo/Yuri

Would be really cool with some decent level euro players. Haven’t found any at all actually… (Scrub/Pro level is cool as well ;))


PSN ID: eripio69
Console: PS3
Country/Region: Cyprus/ South Europe
Main team: Takuma/ Vice/ King

If you are close to me please add me to train together and have fun :slight_smile:


SRK Handle: Alternate275
Gamertag: DRS Alternate
Console: XBOX 360
Country/Region: United States, GA
Main team: Kyo, DuoLon, ShenWoo


SRK Handle: Piccoro
Gamertag: PiccoroDaimaoh
Console(s): PS3
Country/Region: Portugal, Europe
Main team: Don’t have one, just got the game today. I used to main the Art of Fighting team in the 90’s KOF’s. Planning on using those, and the Fatal Fury team, and King and Hwa Jai! (Fatal Fury 1 nostalgia)! :slight_smile:


SRK Handle: aegis&brothers
Gamertag: Fwindows98
Console: XBOX 360
Country/Region: United States, CA
Main team: Terry, K’, Takuma
Not a lot of people are on this game, and I really want to play people. Play me if your close.


SRK Handle: RonDissected
Gamertag: RonDissected
Console: XBOX 360
Country/Region: United States, NJ/NYC
Main team: Don’t have one, just recently got the game. If I had to choose though- King, Mr. Karate, and Yuri. Total noob to the KOF series, but definitely want to get into it. Hear netplay is shotty, but add me anyways if you wanna play here and there.