King of Fighters 13 Story

Hi all. I am new to the KOF series and am interested in the storyline for this game but I am having trouble following it. Besides wikipedia, which does not reveal much, can someone recommend a source that I can use to catch up on the lore for this series? Thanks in advance.

The best way is to play from KOF 94 to present, these are the main history chapters:

  • The Orochi Saga: 94, 95, 96, 97
  • NESTS Saga: 99, 00, 01
  • Ash Saga: 03, XI, XIII

Otherwise i recommend these sites:

And (maybe you missed this wiki)

There are mangas that explains some details and a lot of Fanfic about the history but many of these articles are in spanish, maybe someone else can help with another source in english.

Thanks for the help! Hopefully these will help me get started on catching up to what is going on in 13. I appreciate it:D