King Of Fighters 13 Video Previews

Sup peeps, so I found this user most likely chillin from Japan posting up the latest gameplay vids for Kof13. Here is his youtube page:

character select screen ; [media=youtube]zbJ2fiGAfyc[/media] looks greezy!
Kyo Cancelin his crouching D @ 8secs I-YAH! :

My dreams of seeing Rock in a kof game still seems shatterd, & I don’t see K’ or Blue Mary in the select screen :frowning: But I’m hoping there’s more characters 2 come. Don’t Think…FEEL!!! still see a lot of empty slots in the beta…

Man, I am pretty cysed for this it looks great so far. I’m not a diehard KOF player (suck pretty bad at it actually) but I loved playing it during the PS2 heydays, so it’s one part nostalgia and one part “holy shit this looks like fun” that’s making me want to buy the shit out of this when it comes out.