King of Fighters 14!

KoF 14 just teased at the Sony TGS preview…nice!

Woke up and saw that this was announced. That’s one hell of a way to get aomeone foing on a work day! KOF is here again!
I wonder what cool concepts this series will offer this time around…

I been waiting since the first tease, about a year & a half ago.
New 3D KOF, I’m SOLD!!!

My favorite one was KOF 2006, that was 3D aswell. :heart:

Here’s hoping Luise Meyrink returns! :heart:.:heart:

Sorry, but this is a real piece of shit! kof was never supposed to return 3D. :disappointed:

I would agree if they moved on from the f*cking sprites…
Sprites are so 90s man, don’t nobody wanna see’em in 2016… Heck, they didn’t even evolve’em into 3D models like SF.
My favorite KOF game was KOF 2006. You might say i’m biased 'cause i’m mainly a 3D fighter, but certain things can evolve from one game to another without changing the origin of the gameplay.
I would’ve enjoyed KOF 13 way more if they ATLEAST had 3D models.

Looks like complete shit >___<

Like 5 seconds of game footage were shown and people are already tearing it apart? Fucking grow up kids.

PS, give me some SamSho + Garou characters + Choi + Mr. Big, or give me death.

They wouldn’t show off that footage if they weren’t proud of it.

KOF Pachinko had better 3D.

But I’m sure Maximum Impact fans will be happy. Sigh.

KOF13 looked like shit.

I welcome to move to 3D models. Although need more footage/stills to really see.


Yeah I said it.

It’s too early to judge the game, folks…

I’m a Maximum Impact fan, and my happiness cannot be measured! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah…gonna reserve judgement on this one.
Way too early to hate on it.

Updated with official vid from Playmore.

I think it’s not too early and many KOF players would agree with me. My main character has always been Kyo but i didn’t even recognize this character in this trailer… i thought he was an actor from a korean drama…lol. And finally, this is supposed to be released on ps4? even ps2 has better graphism…sorry but i wish this trailer was just a joke :i_dunno:

There was more to Maximum Impact then 3D models. It had Tekken style 3D arena movement, and no team battles as its default mode. Believe me, nobody wants Maximum Impact for KoFXIV. But NONE of that has to do with the use of 3D models.

Let SNKp know how disappointed we are.
Please sent a mail to SNK.

Too early for that IMO…

Interview with translation

Interview with translation