King of Fighters 2000

I just started messing around with King of Fighters 2000, and I like it. I searched, and I didn’t see any information about this game in all of SRK. So, does anyone know anything about KOF 2000? Any information on tiers, teams, choosing a striker, the capabilities and attributes of Counter and Armor mode, combos and such would be appreciated.

Not sure about the tiers, there was some discussion here (pages 9 through 11)

Seth and Another Iori are among the most common strikers I saw when this was played heavily in my arcade. Joe is used as well, but he is more of a combo extender (see: Ralf and Clark semiinifinites) rather than being multipurpose compared to Seth and Iori.

For the game systems/quirks I recommend Kao Megura’s FAQ.

That’s all I got. I’m sure someone else on these boards like Emil or Dandy J can go more in-depth.

Thanks for the info dude :wgrin:

Yea basically in terms of competitive play, there’s 3 strikers, A. Iori, Seth, and Joe.

Seth - works well with every character, can be made unblockable to set up traps, can get huge damage off a CD counter when you’re trapped in the corner, does lots of damage in general, allows ranbus to connect (except for Lin’s and Iori’s (I think…might be wrong in that I’ll check later).

A. Iori - also works well with every character, but benefits from specific stuff like teleport -> striker call crossovers. Covers pretty much the entire screen super-fast, and is almost never a problem to position properly (a common problem with most strikers). Can be used to get out of ranbu supers and make unsafe moves safe. Very reliable when comboing off of anything, but ranbus don’t connect.

Joe - only good with a few select characters; Iori, Clark, Ralf, + various setups here and there with other characters, but not as major as those 3. Basically he can hit OTG and allows command throws to connect, and can be used to get 100% damage off of non-techable knockdowns. He sucks for every other purpose. If he hits in the air you get nothing, if you don’t have a command throw you’ll have to have the opponent in the corner to combo anything significant (or that’s only 1 hit). He hangs with A.Iori and Seth only because you can get 100% damage if you’ve got 3 calls or 2 calls + some meter.

The common combos - Ralf or Clark will call him to OTG after their throws into hop C -> stand C xx command throw. Iori gets a knockdown with rekkas -> call Joe -> run up command throw -> f+A xx rekkas (or more damaging stuff in the corner.

Other good uses are Bao - can combo him after his P throw (unbreakable/ untechable), then fireball super. Lin can combo him off his d/f+C overhead into his grab SDM. I’m sure there’s other good ones, just not on the level of Iori/Ralf/Clark.

Cool Choi is also really good with a few characters (Jhun, Chang). Dong Hwan can get up some big combos for very specific characters/setups, but he’s too hard to position properly for a lot of things so he doesn’t quite compare to the others. I’m also fond of Xiangfei (she takes 100% of opponent’s meter v. quickly), but I’ve never seen any strong players use her. Other strikers you might see are King Lion (for some cool combos I guess), or Vanessa.

Really the only footage of KOF2000 matches are of Maan and the Pakistani crew vs the French crew back in the day. You can find them on Emil’s youtube account -

Anyway I just woke up so I’ll post more later. Strong characters are Iori, Kyo, Lin, Benimaru, K’, Jhun, Chang, Vanessa, and Ralf/Clark w/Joe. Bao, Whip, Terry, Takuma, Kula, some others are pretty damn good. Not sure about Maxima or Ramon in this one. Just stay away from Kensou, he’s garbage in this.

Ugh, how could you forget King? She’s a lot better than Terry, Whip, Takuma, etc.

How do you guys feel about the team Ryo, Andy, Iori? I noticed that no one has yet to refer to either Ryo or Andy as strong characters. I’ve just been using them because I’m familiar with them from other games. I guess Joe would be the right striker since Iori’s my anchor?

If you’re using Joe striker, then Iori should be first, since he doesn’t need stocks to do good damage. I don’t like Ryo and Andy in 2k.

idk anything about king other than grab combos and super off of seth shrugs

I decided to take your advice and started using the characters you mentioned. The team right now is Takuma Terry Iori with Seth as striker. I’m familiar with Terry, so there are no issues there. However, Takuma just feels like a slower Ryo to me. What makes him so formidable in 2k?

…was that a stupid question?

most of the good stuff that made 98 takuma a beast (autoguard pseudo-counter, running grab, good projectiles, great air moves in j.D and j.CD, ability to poke string from low B into just about anything without much trouble just like 98 heavy D! and chris) plus super-duper-ludicrously-fast projectile super

The running grab is probably Takuma’s worst move, and that fireball super should never be used unless someone whiffs something big from far away.

Takuma has some good combos and does big damage. But really he’s still just strictly midtier… He does have a 100% with a bit of meter and 1 (2?) joes and an extended combo with many other strikers thanks to his ground pound move… Unless I’m remembering things wrong.

In 2k I like to Use

Iori, K’, Benimaru, Jhun, Vanessa, Ralf, Kim, Seth,

What teams could I make with these 8?

For strikers I usually don’t care. So what teams and strikers should I apply?

Well you can use Iori, Ralf, and Seth with Joe. Seth can hit with f+A and otg with Joe striker in corner. I’m not sure if anything good is guaranteed midscreen, but in the corner you can combo into super kicks super, then f+A -> Joe -> re-combo.

K’ and Jhun work well with A.Iori striker (K’ teleport or blocked uppercut, Jhun crossup air d+B and blocked flash kick with A/C move).

Really Iori, K’, Benimaru, and Vanessa are strong characters in general and will work great with A.Iori (well not Iori of course lol) or Seth.

Kim is bad in this one. You gain meter too fast to abuse stomp bug. He can’t combo cr.Bs -> cr.A -> C flash kick anymore since…he doesn’t have it. He lost the qcb+A/C chains from 98. The only thing he gained is the new f+A, which allows him to combo a super from cr.B, but it whiffs on most crouchers. His d+C hits crouchers now but it doesn’t really help. In counter mode he can combo cr.B cr.A charge back, fwd +B xx super whoopty dongdong. Maybe you can do some crossup dive kick or f+B overhead shenanigans with A.Iori but that’s about it.

2k rules >87)

ralf w/ chang strikers for pros only

Can anyone give any specific information for Jhun and Vanessa? (A. Iori Striker)

KOF 2000 is definitely my favorite in the series (I haven’t played some of the more recent games, though.) If anyone ever wants to play online, I’m game. I usually play on kawaks, though because I can’t get any of my KOF roms to work on MAME.

I usually play a combination of K’, Joe, Iori, Ralph, or Vanessa.

The only thing I know about Vanessa in 2000 outside of basics is she has a very practical infinite on some characters with stand far C xx qcb+A repeat. For most characters it will only connect if they are standing, but big characters like chang can get hit by it crouching. It is also a blockstun infinite so it requires a stock to CD counter or emergency roll out of.

For Jhun try looking for youtube videos of Maan playing him, he is very sharp with him. With A.Iori when you go for a cross-up d+B, delay the striker call just a bit so he comes from the side you jumped toward. This way you can run under and do jump strigh up d+B xN into j.CD or qcfx2+D air super. Otherwise you’ll have to settle for a dash jump CD or something. Are you familiar with all his stance flowcharts/traps and basic combos? I can post a run through of those later if you want, I wasn’t sure if you wanted all that jazz or just advanced tricks.

Also remukhan posted translations of Maan’s KOF2000 character analysis’. These are basic rundowns of some popular characters:


Shingo is good in 2k?