King of Fighters 2001 Team Strikers

I’ve been trying for some time to do 3-striker combos with all the characters in the default teams to see how much damage each team could deal, and I have around 3/4 of the cast covered, see the combos here: [media=youtube]FAx8afAjfos"]Part 1, Part 2, [URL=“”[/media].
Update: Series complete, Part 4 [media=youtube]ZuL44164uqI"[/media].

nice combos!

Pretty cool.

Holy shit, game looks like mahvel :lol:

Good shit!

01 seriously had some of the most fun combos in the game. with 3 strikers but without using any, just the 4 super bars for s/dm combos and supercanceling. vid is nice btw.

more or less xD

Completed a 4th and final video with striker combos (see first post).
I wanted to have DMs in all the combos, but I guess a few of the characters just can’t.

add joe higashi to ur striker team, he is a beast and completely unfair lol