King of Fighters 2006?


I saw the list of what they going to show on E3

And I saw KOF 2006 for PS2?

Is this just KOFXI for ps2 or something else?

KOF2006 is the US name of MI2. It’s Maximum Impact 2 with a different title.
I think Japan is still using MI2 as the official name.

if he woulda clicked the (ps2) link next to it, he would’ve known that

It’s pretty stupid considering that MI2 is its own series. Why change the name to KOF2K6?

well considering SNK is shuting down the Arcade division this might be the direction SNK is trying to go now.

that is a cruel, cruel, cruel joke.

Why can’t they bring XI to domestic ps2 :frowning:

That is a cruel joke and their E3 booth last year sucked!!

Sony hates 2D fighters, so its up to Microsoft to deal with it, but probably won’t get XI on 360 till 2008:arazz:

i thought XI coming to ps2 in June 2006 ?

Jpn version of course.

Imagine if they got rid of the 2d kof altogether for the 3d version…

Has SNK even decided on developing a new 2d KOF game after XI?

or something like that.

I hope so but it really depends on the endings of what happened in xi.