King of fighters '94 Re-bout on ps2

Hi guys!
I have a question about this version of KOF 94.
first of all i bought the japanese version since there is no US or PAL rls for this game and … how is this edition?
I mean, it’s arcade perfect (i suppose arcade perfect of kof94 since the re.bout is not rls in arcades)? what this version offers?
I bought it since it’s the only kof i didnt have and i really like kof94 gameplay :slight_smile:

Its pretty much Arcade Perfect with Upscaled Graphics (Kinda like a SNK ver of a HD Remix). I’m not sure if they made any balance/gameplay tweaks though. It should come with the original Neo Geo port as well, so there’s always that to fall back on

thx for the answer m8!
can’t wait to receive it :slight_smile:

They made quite a bit of tweaks in it…many of the broken things in 94 OG were taken out no questions ask…which elevates the cast of other characters…if I can me and Gual will record some casuals in it this weekend…but I do have some matches on my youtube channel in it at the very beginning of my channel.

So top tier in the game is the AOF Team due to the other tweaks in the game.


The fact that you can have any characters in your team makes this better than the original as well as the balanced tweaks (double positive). I still don’t have the game, but I’ll buy it when I get the chance.

I love this game. Love the graphics style, the simple gameplay, the team edit mode, my orochi fight stick 3

Ehhh… what did they tweak ? I’ve not noticed any gameplay changes.

All the broken redizzies and glitches etc got taken out…


i LOVE the original one… i still play it on 2df and i find it awesome… i prefer it than kof95 ^_^; my main teams are: Ikari and OAf :smiley:

@DG: i watched em :smiley:

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Well me and Gual are gonna play some matches later on tonight so I’ll record some 94RB matches since it seems there is some interes and post them up. Had I known there was some interest I wouldve came up with an idea like an Exhibition of me vs. JeRon in the game or something since I know he likes it as well.

94 Rebout matches between me and Gual:


I also think Brian is high tier in this game…close to top if not top tier without a doubt…

S Class:

AOF Team, Brian


thx for the videos!
i’ll watch them right now!

a question:
what the hell are those backgrounds?!?!
please tell me that there is the original KOF94 inside the re-bout…really… i cant stand those new stages :frowning:
and another question: why the team edit? i mean…to me it seems a “remake” of KOF95 without the iori team :frowning: there’s the father of kyo and rugal, the second one is ok, but the first one…why??? didnt know that

Yeah you can play the original within it…and you have the option for team Edit or to play it the OG style even in Rebout…