King of Fighters 98 and SNK online ranbats!


6/14 8:00 PM
#SNKPlaymore presents…
Breakers Revenge
Break or be broken!

6/7 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST
King of Fighters 98 Ranbat series #3

5/31 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST
King of Fighters 2000

5/24 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST
King of Fighters 98 Ranbat series #2
Who will beat Emil this time?
Will Dandy J actually show up?
Who is going to be this week’s underdog?!

5/10 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST
King of Fighters 98 Ranbat series #1

Emil: 30
Dandy J: 15
Omerta: 7
IRB: 6
RogueYoshi: 5
Rukawa Kaede: 5
woof: 4
Anakron: 3
Braver: 2
Ben Reed: 1
Blue Fox: 1
Bmoney: 1
Chopperman: 1
Dai Taiji: 1
Forte: 1
Hatred Edge: 1
LunaSlave: 1
KingKiller: 1
Mizuki: 1
Mr. McDefault: 1
Nilcam: 1
PDK: 1
Phoenix Azure: 1
pjpe: 1
R-1: 1
RoboDuck: 1
ZeroSlash: 1


#SNKPlaymore presents…
Our series of online ranbats that you can participate in!

What’s a ranbat?
Short for ranking battles, these tournaments hand out ranking points rather than a prize or pot money. Your total ranking points mean 2 things: a) your rank (duh) and b) they will determine the way you will be seeded in the next tournament.

What games will we be playing?
We’ll have 2 on going series. One for King of Fighters 98 and the other for randomly chosen SNK fighting games.

Standard tourney rules apply. 2/3 double elim and 3/5 grand finals. If you happen to go missing, I’ll give you 3-5 minutes before I move you to losers bracket. If you’re already in losers bracket, I’ll disqualify you.

What do I need?
You’ll need 2Df because that is what we will be running these tourneys on. You’ll also need the roms. For the random SNK games, I’ll let you know which game we’re running in advance. You’ll also need mIRC or alternatively you can use efnet’s web client. You’ll have to access #SNKPlaymore on the EFNET server. When it is time for the tourney, I’ll make a separate channel. Communication is key so if you can, add me on MSN or AIM or something just in case something happens.

What do I need from you?
I need your opinions! Suggestions! Anything!

Why should I take place in these?
Who cares if you suck at these games? We’re not here to judge. Participate and I guarantee it will be fun.

So how do I sign up for them?
To sign up, throw a message my way via IRC, AIM, MSN or PM. Remember! You HAVE to be in the IRC channel for these tourneys!

New rules?
The main platform we will be working with is 2DF. I would prefer to have finals on 2DF because they’re recorded. If you 2DF isn’t working for whatever reason with another person, take your match to another platform such as GGPO or p2p. If you cannot get either of them to work, I’m have no choice but to have the players play rock paper scissors. Both players will have to message me with either ‘rock, paper or scissors’. Best 2 out of 3 wins. Makes more sense than flipping a coin.

Rankings: coming soon!


**Why should I take place in these?
Who cares if you suck at these games? We’re not here to judge. Participate and I guarantee it will be fun. **

he’s right, I suck at games, and I had fun during the pre tourney so I’ll be looking forward to be playing in the ranbats!


I wanna level up my 98 game so count me in. I can also host on 2df with no problem.

My only question is that are tourney announcements/results going to be posted here in this thread or elsewhere?


This would be awesome. IDK if i’d be able to do it because of time zone/lag problems but make sure to get the shit posted up when you figure it out.


Interesting to say the least but I’m not gonna join. I never am up for showcasing how bad I am at KOF. Once I get much better sure…


I’m in, so you better start training.


sounds good


If your holding ranbats for Breakers and Karnov as well then count me in!:tup:


I like ggpo better


I can’t wait to see how low my ranking is!


Most players can use GGPO if you absolutely can’t use 2DF, but I think 2DF is preferred for 1. no chance of spectator lag and 2. saved replays. Also 3. not all games are on GGPO.


I’m really looking forward to this. I need to up my KOF 98 game


However bad you are at KOF, I can all but guarantee that I’m worse.


I also suck at KoF but I’m interested. I’m primarily a Linux user so I’m looking into dual booting with Windows to make this work. I’m a definite maybe.


I have both, all the main games are on ggpo and replays are available but they don’t work

whichever I’m fine really



to all the people who say they suck I’ll be glad to prove it to you AGAIN AND AGAIN


Really tho, I suck the most. Just pray you don’t see how horrifyingly bad I am.


You guys should have a online tourney to see who is the worst KOF player.:coffee:


I’ve got 2df running in Vista now. I’ll start practicing 98 along side SFIV. I’m looking forward to the ranbats.


suck me