King of Fighters 98 Dreamcast Port

how arcade accurate was it?

If it wasn’t, what are the known issues?

How does it compare to the PS1 version?

no, don’t tell me to wait for the ps2 version to be released.

wait for the PS2 version… lol

the PS1 version, from what i noticed, had a lot of slowdown issues… I didn’t like it, and since that was my first impression of 98, I thought that 98 sucked, until i played it in an arcade for the first time a few years ago… i noticed the PS1 version had lag, and just played clunky, back in the day.

I didn’t know a Dreamcast port existed, however… I’d like to know information on that myself.

About the DC port: backgrounds remade in 3d, consistent timings but overall slower than the original neogeo => Nothing unplayable but a serious handicap if you intend to train for play on neo (you’re gonna sufferwhen everything that was easy suddenly in no so easy.

The ps2 enhanced port is expected to be the solution

both are not accurate.

Backgrounds are worse in DC version for whatever reason(even if they are 3d), and I know not all combos work the same, those task overish kyo combos are like impossible in DC version for some reason for example.

^ Elaborate. I can do links just fine.

…that went well.

I haven’t played the NeoGeo version, so I can’t comment on the DC version’s accuracy in terms of gameplay, but I have to say that I always felt those 3D backgrounds looked a bit funky in fighting games. It’s like Jeff Goldblum’s character said in Jurassic Park, “[they] were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

Anyway, as others have stated, the upcoming PS2 version really looks to be the definitive version of the game, with new roster additions ('96 Boss Team!) and fighting modes.

3d backgrounds,slightly slower play and music resets at the beginning of every round. Also, it had a kickass anime-style opening. But,yeah,I wouldn’t use it for practice.

i have the 99’ dream match version which is 98 on dreamcast. people told me it wasn’t arcade perfect but then it doesn’t matter. i never played it on the arcade anyway.

the dreamcast only has 2 palettes for each character while i think the arcade has 4.

ah its been way to long for me to start nameing off what exact combos it was, but you know its those kyo task over type stuff from 97(at least when I think of the combos thats what I think of them as)the whole combo yadda yadda to juggle then orochinagi to another juggle. Works in “real” version of 98, but in DC version its like impossible for some reason. Combos of that nature.

Also DC did have 4 colors, but for whatever reason, it took skill to pick them. You had to like press all the buttons EXACTLY at the same time to get any color. so 3 at one time or 4.

Honestly afaik everything works pretty fine for links/cancels/resets/etc. The only problem is that hte timings are ALL different…

Wrong. I was able to get all 4 colors for everyone. I even made a thread about it back in the day, posting pics of Terry and Mai’s cooler colors: Mai’s white/gold, and Terry’s black. You have to press 2 buttons simultaneously for the other 2 colors.

I also played 98 in the arcade after 2 years of only playing the dc version and had no problem rocking 3 decent competitors with Chris, Takuma and Blue Mary. Everything felt just like the dc except the backgrounds.

And here’s the DC intro…godly.


Good stuff, I’ve never seen that before.

oh my fault i never knew about the two buttons


The first one i ever played was the DC version, has 3d backgrounds has all the hidden characters, and colors, the execution of moves are pretty good too and comobos come out very well.

NEGEGO AES version and ARCADE have tight controls and you need better timing when doing moves thats the only differences i could find out so far other than that they feel pretty much the same and i can do the same combos on any of them.:wgrin:

I guess none of the MVS KOF’s has decent console ports. The only KOF that is almost like MVS, but stills not perfect, is the KOF 99 Evolution for DC (of course without that extra strikers). KOF 98 for DC (named KOF 99 Dream Match) is beautful but has smaller characters, wich affects the original hit boxes, affecting combos and mixups.

Are you kidding me? I guarantee KOF 99 Evo is hella slow compared to MVS 99!
On the other hand, as far as basics go I’d say the best DC KOF port is 2000, but I never really went in-depth, it’s just that it felt about the same back then when I tested it.

since i own both MVS originals (94 to 2003 + NW + XI for atomiswave) and ps2 ports (i’ve also seen in action those DC ports or kof99evo for pc)
i can tell that games are different…
those on collections (nest or orochi released for ps2 and even kof94rebout) are only roms with specific emulators
and roms (i own also them and it’s not piracy since i own each originals) have slight difference due to incomplete emulation or bad ripping

i’ll forever support that if you like the game you have to buy the original

DC KOF 99 Evolution also has noticeable smaller characters compared to arcade KOF 99. I don’t know if that affected gameplay but graphically I think it isn’t that hard to notice