King of fighters 98 tiers?

j/w can anyone give me a pretty official tier list in kof 98 ? looked all over the net, was hard to find anything. . .

and can you include when Extra mode or Advanced mode are better ? even though i know its pretty much always adv, just wanna see if there are a couple chars that can do good in Extra.

Can’t provide an official tier list, but characters that do good in Extra mode are ones which have useful air command moves, since those moves can then be used during a forward dash. Such characters are Kyo/Kusanagi, Mai, Athena (in some sense). Some throw characters can be good in Ex mode too.

98 tiers, were something like

daimon, o yash, ex terry, iori, a couple others

everybody else

All I remember was that Daimon and O.Yash were too good.

don’t forget chris and his foward+b of doom

What’s so amazing about his f+B? I think you meant df+B.

I have a master list of tiers (not including EXTRA)…gimme a day to find it.

…that went well.

Yeah, he probably meant Chris :df:+:snkb:. His J.:snkc:+:snkd: is also a bitch.

To add to the list, I think alt. Ryo is there at top tier, too. Arguably Extra mode Kyo (kinda hard).

Kof98 anti-airs have much much more priority. I really haven’t found his jump CD to be a problem in that game.

I just noticed the match vid Chris’s camping with that air move. LOL

But yeah, shoryukens in this game are too good. Kyo’s just outprioritizes pretty much anything.

**[KoF 98 tiers] **(taken from the latest Tougeki-Special Issue # 4)


Kyo, Goro, Chizuru, Iori


Benimaru, Robert, Ralf, Chang, Yashiro (Orochi), Chris, Chris (Orochi)


Kyo (95) , Terry, Joe, Yashiro, Takuma


Ryo, Clark, Kensou, Yamazaki, Mary, Mature


Terry (Alt.) * , Ryo (Alt.) , Leona, Athena, Chin, Mai , Mai (Alt.) , King, Choi, Kim, Shermie, Vice, Shingo, Saishu


Robert (Alt.) , Yuri, Heavy D


Andy, Yuri (Alt.) , Billy, Heidern, Brian, Rugal


Andy (Alt.) , Joe (Alt.) , Billy (Alt.) , Shermie (Orochi), Lucky

  • (Alternative Version)

It doesn’t make sense to me as to why Athena is so low…

A lot of that makes little sense to me.

Takuma that low, Chizuru that high, Choi that low, Brian that low

Top tier Chizuru? Probably some novel way(s) of comboing into the Sealing DM. :looney:

…Eh, I’ve no explanation for it either. Having alt. Terry on the same level as Shermie is just mind-boggling to me.

beside that infinity athena isnt’t worth a team place

imo takuma should be in B and clark in C or last place in B

vice is too low

Chizuru IS that good.

Chizuru has been top tier in Japan for a WHILE now.

Supposedly, in the right hands she’s pretty much unstoppable and the Japanese top tiers have found ways of abusing her “Clone” DM.

Um no.

wtf ralph is top and he doesnt even have his tackle or free GP’s…:wtf:

I’m kinda surprised O.
Sherm and Lucky are that low as well.

As for why Ralf is Damn Good in 98

First one- he can mix up his Larf Kicks. Having two different speeds to them makes it a lot more difficult to counter, unlike later KOF’s. Larf Kick on CH can be comboed into the Mounting DM/SDM as well, for fairly massive damage.

He also has some great normals/poking game- including a great jumping straight A that is hard to deal with.

In other words, you have a very good defensive character, with good offensive capability as well.

Ralf does have a few bad matchups- Lucky is one (he can force Ralf into positions he doesn’t want to be in, and Larf Kick is easily counterable by Lucky jump back D/CD)

While Athena isn’t as mindless in 2k2 as she is in 98, she’s still a very solid character- a bit better then solid if you add in the Bug (removing the bugs from KOF will affect the balance some- I expect UM to be somewhat more balanced then vanilla 98, but that’s not relevant here)- she has good turtle game, solid fireball game, damaging grab comboable into super, great anti-air DM, and good priority.

What is this invinicible Chizuru stuff? I’ve seen some good things out of Chizuru, but nothing that puts her with Iori/Goro.

The good thing about 98 overall is that no one’s hopeless. It really is a fairly well balanced fighter. Even Lucky has his fans, and definitely isn’t the worst character in the game- I’d actually use Lucky in a tourney.

Those kicks never hit anyone decent in the arcade. That move is not used.

Most of it seemed to do with abusing crouch C, and lots of hcb+A spam. The combo into that super is hard to deal with too. Don’t know about top tier though…