KING OF FIGHTERS 98 ULTIMATE MATCH gaming getogether at Nate's! (July 19?)

update title.

I love the game, but can’t play KOF to save my life. But I honestly want to learn KOF 98 :slight_smile:

I would love to learn that!

Just a kof game period.

BTW! Your sig kills me!

That sig is killer… lol!

But yea im down to learn!

I’ll play for sure.


awesome, im glad you guys are hyped as I am!

it’ll be sweeeet

If you found that funny, you should check his user title. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

No Chun Li=No Mandel

Who’s a girl and is good in the KOF universe? Serious question mind you. How you answer, affects my decision.

Well in 98… the best girl is probably Chizuru… Though in UM EX Mary seems pretty decent and Most people are calling EX King top tier.

Personally My favorite is Leona and she’s probably pretty good this game since they only seemed to have buffed her, not made her worse.

Gameplay vids links!

Most of the Roster seems really good thus far in 98UM… But the best females are seeming to be Yuri, and EX King at the moment. Altho 90% of the Roster is looking great in UM. I kinda wanna try out EX Mai personally and I really don’t like playing Mai at all.

The Only constant I’ve been seeing from overseas on Vids tho is Iori is on every team pretty much. I see a lot of EX King, Yuri, Krauser and Benimaru too. But I’ve pretty much seen every character being used which has me pretty impressed overall. So it’s pretty much pick who you like.

you got me right there… but i bet you could find sumone that you can be good wit thats a girl… i mean King… thats your closest bet… i think…

my nigga Robert is back…time to relearn him again… lol


I know you’re talking about 98UM which I know nothing about. But, Kula is insane in XI.

Carry on.

When’s this shit come out?

June 26th.

Thanks to a heart to heart with XTG, I’ve finally decided that, yes I will play King of Fighters Ultimate Match 98. Here’s the team I decided on (order is subject to change).

Ex Blue Mary/Ex Yuri/Ex King

Thanks to everyone that posted. Your efforts are appreciated!

This game needs zangief.

Zangief SNK style would be broken. See THE MATCH OF THE MILLENNIUM: SNK VS CAPCOM on the Neo Geo Pocket. Way too good!