King of fighters 99


Since there is a topic for Kof 2000 i’d like to open one for Kof 99/99 Evo.
Except Krizalid who is one of the coolest boss ever made from Snk, i can’t really play this game.
The roll was changed in an evading move that is really awful in my opinion, especially when u “roll” back … -_-
I still dont understand why they did that.
About the strikers… are they really useful? They cant be used like in 2000 and 2001 and i dont know their use.
You have to send the striker and then, if it strikes, you can beat the opponent… what’s the use? If the opponent is not a dumb, he/she will guard and nothing will be done.
Some strikers are really useful to combo with (for ex. Robert) but still, if the opponent block, everything is fucked up.
I know that Ryo and Clark are quite good as strikers but i dont like them (Clark is one of my mains and i dont use him as a striker for sure).
Some suggestion?
A tier list (for strikers and chars)?


The strikers arent nearly as effective in 99 as they are in 2000.

Also tier list depends on if its regular 99 or 99 Evolution. (Evo addresses some of the glitches, infinites found in the OG Arcade) Alot of the later console ports of the older SNK games are like ver 1.5 because they remove some of the things found broken in the game…

Same for the Fatal Fury Collection, in RBS they removed Sokaku’s glitch and EX Andys infinite, in Sam Sho Collection they removed Genans broken frame advantage in Sam Sho II, etc etc. (Sam Sho I they removed Ukyos backdash flame special) However, Sam Sho III is arcade perfect to the tee, as is Sam Sho IV lol.

For what I can recall, Bao, King, Jhun, Choi are top tier, don’t recall the rest at all but I can do some research for you.

I enjoy thoroughly playing 99.

Next time and Mar play 99 I will post up some matches here unless you all want me to post some matches I already have.

These are from 2 weeks ago:

My tournament team in 99 is Kim, Bao, Choi with Dark Syo Striker. Dark Syo Striker is very, very good because he’s unblockable and comes out VERY VERY FAST.


Thanks for the videos u linked. I will check 'em out!
My team is the same as in the other KOFs: Ralf,Clark,Choi and…dunno.
I don’t know which striker i should use. I like Robert because if he connects you can make a lot of damage.
I’ve the PS2 JAP collection where there are also the OG games so i can play both.
I tried to look for high level matches but found none (or quite none).


There’s very few high level matches for 99, but of course you can find all you want for 98, 2002 and their counterparts but few for 99. The Striker depends on your style…you should experiment with all to find out what suits you best. Dark Syo suits me best because he can catch people by surprise.


Yep…everything for 98 and 2002 (and also some 95) but for 99 none.
I guess it’s not really appreciated.
I found on youtube a lot of paki matches but the video quality is awful -_-
I checked ur striker… he’s hilarious when he comes with the bike :rofl:
Next days i will try to find a good striker for me. :nunchuck:


I can post a good older match where 777 actually lost if you want… (it’s from like 06)




Yeah thats it…man you’re fast lol. When I have JuareZ WarZone I’ll try to get some 99 matches there, we may even have a free 99 tournament while we are there.


Find me some more KOF 99 matches that I haven’t seen before.


re: OP

That’s how I feel about 99 too. After the success of 98, they tried too much to change things. I can’t say I like the sliding dodge or the back roll changes. Thank goodness for the changes in KOF 2000.


KOF 99 was my first major exposure to SNK (CvS2 afterwards), it’s what got me hooked on KOF in the first place so I have nothing but love for it, Xiangfei ftw…


looking forward to that! :pray:

Yes, 2000 is better made for sure. At least the strikers system works :bgrin:


combo video ( 5 years anniversary of ):

Runtime: 20min40

source: kofunion

impressive stuff
it’s a bugs fest ahah


Oooh, thanks for the download link.

Here is a youtube version if people just want to watch without downloading:


Amazing CMV here, some of the best '99 material I have seen for a long time. The only thing that bothered me was it felt like they wanted to rush through things too much, like they’d cut off combos before they were finished or show two at the same time just to save time. Almost like they had too much to put into the one CMV.


it’s a pity that most of the combos are not suitable in a game , at least i think…


I hate the AB technique

Was a sort of a fussion between the dogde and the roll.

Also tons of the strikers are unless, and this is not like 2000 where some of them were useless because they don’t do anything. Until this day I can’t figure it what does Li xiangfei

In the other hand, is the best graphici work for a kof IMO, the stages are superb (specially the boss’s and k’ stages) and besides the AB movement, it feels great to play, and introduced some of the best and more originals designs in the KOF history, like K’, maxima, Jhun and whip (Originals in their form to play, I know that K’ and maxima are rip offs from daraku: the fallen angels)

‘‘I read your moves likes the funny papers’’


as far as i know Xiang Fei reset the gauge of ur opponent to zero (if im not mistaken(


That is the same for me. First exposure to SNK stuff was with CVS2 then KOF99. Unfortunately back then, it was the terrible PS1 port. Thank god I got the KOF Nests Hen for that and more.


KOF 1999 matches between me and MightyMar on 1-5-10 and 1-6-10:



kof 99 bao in counter mode was good. Something I used to do was counter mode then qcb a and then follow up with DM 2HCB A it is very hard to approach bao during counter mode using this moves.

Jhun is one of the best characters in the game the only problem was iori yagami jhun can do guard crush with one hit during his stance down down holding A. You Can do with jhun down down A then C guard crushing your opponent then do foward B one hit not alot of damage but pretty useful sometimes.

the best striker is yuri sakazaki It gives You time to follow up with a DM.