King of Fighters expert needed


KoF expert
as you may know there is tournament on Deadliest Fiction Wiki pitting char. of the KoF series against the char. of the Mortal Kombat series, and i’m in need of a expert to support the KoF. the main purpose of the expert is to provide a valid reason why the KoF char. would win based on what the expert knows about the char.(Moves,powers,abilities,history etc.), and if it would be no trouble would any of you like to be an expert to support the KoF?

ill be waiting for your reply on my talk page or on this thread
my talk page:User:MrPacheco101 - Deadliest Fiction Wiki

here is a look at the match ups
User blog:MrPacheco101/MrPacheco101 Presents:Mortal Kombat vs. The King of Fighters - Deadliest Fiction Wiki


I hear that Dark Geese is a KOF expert. You should ask him.


pit them against each other in mugen, reliable results, d/w


damn sounds hardcore good luck hopefully a kof expert will guide you


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This is the greatest thread ever.


This isn’t going anywhere. Good day.