King of Fighters fanart challenge-anyone interested?

The Official King of Fighters Fanart Challenge

Seeing that there is a Street Fighter fanart challenge,DA GAME wants to know if anyone is interested in a King of Fighters fanart challenge?If so let DG know & post up any drawing.Angel is the first one DA GAME will post.It will be late but it will get the ball rolling

i will contribute if i have time:)

Sounds cool, I’ve always wanted to go back to drawing again.

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At last a KOF fanart! Count me in! Angel here i come baby! woohoo! :woot:

I’ll join.

Could you make a list for the first five or so to draw? And make the submissions weekly or fortnightly at least? So people can prepare.

Edit-Question. Shall I invite other people over? If so, I suggest that we get a blog or a yahoo/msn group like what Ron’s doing for the 3s challenge to make monitoring and uploading of pictures easy.

*You want a list you got it.

Geese Howard
Iori but you have to draw him in original clothing because his current outfit is old

4neqs-you can invite others as well for this challenge.DA GAME is going to do his best to post what he can so bear with DG.Also could someone post a pic of Elisabeth from the Benimaru team ending?You know?The one with her 40 ounces @ full screen.*

Benimaru team from XI

I’m not really a fan ot Angel but her Rock references in 2002 are too good to pass up.
(old pic, not my submission)

Uhhh… Why?

*Repling to Oni-Kun’s post

DA GAME doesn’t know what he was thinking.You can draw Iori in his regular attire if you want but if you want to draw him in original attire that’s fine.*

Hey, Da Game, how bout making it official now? (changing the title)

Anyway here’s a simple take on Angel:

Are there Deadlines? Can’t wait to see all of the other work from you KoF fans!

Sweet looking Angel there Sheng-Long. Nice!

your arts looking good shenlong
here my angel, shit i seriously need help on drawing hands and fingers, man i wish every character would wear a boxing glove so it will be easier for me to draw hands…

*Here’s DA GAME’s version of Angel.DG used PrismaColor Clay Rose for the drape & a Rosy Beige for the wall.


Sheng-Long:nice looking Angel good work

DanSC:Your Angel is looking good also.DA GAME has trouble with hands also so don’t feel bad*

your angel is hot Da Game, thats very jailbait right thurrr…

same here man, haha I think I always draw the hands smaller than what they proportionally should be so I end up erasing and redoing that part again and again until i’m satisfied. Thank god for 2H pencils though!

DA Game:
Nice legs man!
I can understand why you didn’t want her to wear the chaps :slight_smile:

I do believe an open hand (fingers outstretched and far apart from one another should be around the size of one’s face. At least that’s how I try do it. But yes, hands are hard. You may want to start with shapes or a stick skeleton before adding “meat” to the palm and fingers.

Eh, here’s mine.


Shall I make a blog or yahoo groups (or MSN groups) so we can have a place to store these when it’s through?

Midnight: LOL! Cute Angel! :lol: