King of Fighters Movie - Behind the Scenes


Goddamn, what the hell? Kyo Kusanagi is a white dude, apparently. Who knew?

Hey, it’s Clark without glasses!

seconds later

…:wtf: :rofl: :sad: :wtf:

Wow, I used to remember when people were mad about Rugal, he was expertly cast compared to that abortion that was supposed to be Terry. Just wow. :rofl:

I heard it was going to be bad but WTF

30 yr old surfer bro terry bogard? Flat as hell Mai?

I just hope this goes straight to DVD so less ppl will see the embarrassment

I remember when there were ten other KOF the movie threads

oh wait, there still are

W-What have they done to Terry???!! :lame: :crybaby:

Maggie Q. is in this? More like Maggie W.T.F.R.U. doing as mai

So flat and no cleavage. If this was coming to Sci Fi channel Id give it a chance, but this is hurtful

Terry is Cross-eyed. :rofl:

How can anyone starring in this movie say that they even know what the hell the game is about? The only way I accept that as Terry is if this was King of Fighters the Later Years. I wonder how they even explain Kyo being full on white with a Japanese dad. The only thing I like is that I think Bernice Liu is cute. That’s has something going for it, unlike how unsexy Kristin Kreuk was in that other movie.

“Jeff would be crying in heaven.”



as bad as this is going to be, I still have to see it at midnight on release…blown out of my mind.

great. now Ive gotta wash vomit off my keyboard

The Mature and Vice aren’t too horrible. Too bad they didn’t bother to make anyone’s costumes AT ALL RECOGNIZABLE TO THE CHARACTER.


Its like they straight up half assed on Terry’s character and instead of him being the fighter from Southtown they basically gave him Blue Mary’s background of being an agent.
And to show that he’s Terry, he’s wearing Marty McFly’s vest. Shit they couldn’t even spot this guy a red trucker hat at least then it would’ve been interesting.
I’ll cop it on DVD regardless. Chun-li movie still seems better in comparison.

Vice plays video games.

sigh Another one for the landfill, folks. Vice isn’t half bad though.

I think that one picture of Ray Park with the 2 stooges didn’t give that nigga justice. He looks decent from that footage imo. Bernice Liu is fine as Vice. Also, whoever that guy playing Terry is, he needs to get his Terry Engrish Manual Vol. 1 out or I will call that rendition of Terry a complete failure.

ill download it. no money goes to this crap.

Edit: Also. Where the hell is Benimaru?!

Fucking awful. Terry? lulwut?

Who or what the hell is Kyo Kasanagi?

AND how many threads are we gonna dedicate to this steaming pile?