King of Fighters Movie - Behind the Scenes


The Engrish was strong in that trailer, yes.

dont think toad when u look at him
just think darth maul

makes it alot easier to deal with

But, but thats not even an english word to begin with. People just don’t give a rats ass about the licensed material they fuck over aslong as they make a quick buck but in their defense they aren’t too much different from SNKP themselves, just ask any 360 owner :rofl:

Iori was in the hockey outfit?

Also, one of the actors said “EYE-ori”…

Shame on you if you pronounce it that way too.

Takuma/AOF quote ftw!! :cool:

I stopped watching that vid after I saw Terry.

Seriously, in the age where Sin City, Watchmen etc are so popular because it looks like comic books and have great elaborate costumes and designs, why did they find it so hard to give great looking characters like Rugal, Vice and Mature the right costumes and look about them?

Why do they have tonfas and brass knuckles instead of just having superhuman moves?

If audiences can buy and enjoy people shooting webs and claws from their wrists, I hope that we see a Genocide Cutter or something from the characters instead of just wire-fu.

I just don’t get why some characters look so different. Tell me it wouldn’t have been much cooler if Rugal was rocking a red tuxedo in the movie, and i’ll show you a liar.

:rofl: that’s what i remember laughin at.

“Dis Terry character we create is an agent wid de CIA”

Terry is my favorite video game character of all time. This nearly made me scream in agony.

wait terry is a cool guy…wtf kind of pos vest is that!! :annoy::mad:

WHERE IS HIS CAP DAMMIT!!:mad::mad::mad::mad:

no terry we ARE NOT okay…

That pretty much.

Man, we got to see the premier of the Trailer at the KOFXII Underground Tournament, and we guessed 100% wrong who was who just by looks.

I want to have hope for this movie, but it looks HORRIBLE.

looks horrible…

The director and producers who made this shit are a disgrace to Asians everywhere

Why is Terry so old? Why? I dare say he’s older than that dude who played Ken in the SF movie.

My God wat is this abomination its bad enough they used KOFXII as a reference but are they actually trying to make look worst than the first two Street Fighter movies they’re not even trying they should just call it dimension fighters so the KOF franchise and SNK dont experience any more embarassment :lame:

Lol that dude was on smallville, god I wish I could hire someone to kill people that make these movies like fuckingDuke Togo

Why they have to go and ruin my childhood. I mean what did I ever do to them…

After watching KoF Behind the Scenes.

…that went well. :S

wow that looks like shit…goes back to watching DOA