King of Fighters Movie

Hey guys,

Just stumbled across this one, never knew anything about it. Did a search for it but never found any threads for it, so I appologise if it has been posted.

Interesting spin on it, never played KoF but I know some of you maybe interested. Sounds like they’ve changed parts of the ‘story’. shrug I guess it’ll turn out like SF did.

There is a movie discussion thread. The movie has already been brought up… you’ve never played KOF?:confused:#

Thanks for the info though.

He’s an 09er, His interest in fighting games was sparked because of sf4.

Rugal, Mature and Vice.

Oh sht this looks awesome!

Haha, quit playin’.

That’s it, I’m changing my av back to this pic.

EDIT: I’m curious, who do you guys think would make a good Rugal?

look like they came out of terrible porno.

why does she have straps on the tonfas? it totally takes away from the swinging reach of the weapon

10 says they turn Ryo into some kind of douchey hipster or annoying Mortal Kombat movie Johnny Cage-esque character.

Really? What, you did a search of your own mind? A search of your room perhaps? Searched your hard drive and came up short? Because if you would have searched SRK, in three seconds you would have seen this thread:

First details on the KOF movie - Alien Invasions are canon

and this thread:

Live Action King of Fighters Movie

and even this thread:

KOF the live action movie!

So I don’t get it, does being an 09er just mean you are a complete moron? Or does it mean that 2009 is the first time you actually logged onto the internet at all? Because every website has a fucking search function you dumbass.

I see they’re really shooting for accuracy. Day One!

this should be a dope movie

older blonde guy that is used to fighting and action in his movies, gotta go with dolph, he could look the part and be cool.

I still don’t get why they just don’t make a Fatal Fury movie, they want everyone to be white to appeal to their audience, and Terry, Geese, and the Howards are blond surfer types. It doesnt make any sense

Haha. Now put up the real picture. :rofl:

There is a better picture, right?

Right? :shake:

Kevin Sorbo would have made a better Hollywood Rugal.

For what it’s worth, the search function on SRK doesn’t work well all of the time.

I don’t understand it… another movie where it’s an Asian main character being played by a white guy. Sean Faris as Kyo Kusanagi? What the fuck is with Hollywood holding the Asian man down?

They seriously chose the flattest woman in Hollywood to play Mai.

^gtfo THATS mai?

pamela anderson wouldve been better

Christine Mendoza for Mai! Dunno if she can act, but what’s hard about bouncing up and down and throwing a paper fan?

Throws paper fan

Ouch! Paper cut! It’s not as easy as it looks.