King of Fighters new sticks

Just read on Kotaku ( that King of Fighters XII is getting two sticks - one a regular stick and the other a neo geo 4 button jobbie.

Anyone know what to expect of these?

They are manufactured by Exar and seem cheap in price.

why is the button layout so vertical. do you have to like stick your elbow out to play on one of those?

They’re made by Exar, though.
Not the greatest track record for quality…

The NeoGeo has used that layout for all home sticks since the AES days. It actually plays very nice and comfortable.

I agree. That layout looks annoying as hell.

Does not matter concerning me i guess. I’d still grab the 6-button by default no matter how it was angled.

Good prices by the way, although i can see those skyrocketing before long.