King of Fighters: Orochi Collection

Aside from the release date, what is known about this game? will 95, 96, and 97 all be “updated”?

No “updating”. Only 98 and 2002 will get the “ReBout” treatment, like 94.

bah. will these be perfect conversions, or console ports?

BTW, what IS the release date?

well, lik-sang will have them in stock on feb 23rd…

bah… but this is only for the Japanese PS2s… right…? Bring it to America, dammit.


Much like the Last Blade 1&2 collection, it will most likely be the AES version, down to the limited mode selection and training mode options.

Yes and if it is like the Lb 1 and 2 versions Ill just stick to my modded XBOX

Does anyone know if this game is good:

The character drawings look good but I have not seen any screenshots of it.

I was testing something. Please ignore.