King of Fighter's Portraits?

I need the portraits for K`, Terry, Joe, King, Iori and Yuri

oh damn sorry i forgot to mention i need the KoF Neowave portraits

Sorry, missing Joe and Terry.

damn yuri’s ass is SERIOUS

So are K’'s tits.


Yuri has an ass now?

seems like KOF has become serious business now…:wow:

Dayum @ Yuri. :sweat:

I never liked this art style only works on a few of the girls like vanessa mai and co, takuma looks like he has mental problems.


Anymore while we’re here?

Haha, Terry’s so stoned.

OrochiTempest: Where did you get that pic of Morrgain in your av? She’s a sexy beast! Yeah baby! :lovin:

damn… K` and terry have some awkward ugly portraits…

K’ needa zip up the jacket if he dont wanna pass as a gay Calvin Klein model.

Damn I never noticed Yuri’s ass o0 Only the females looked good in Neowave art.

yes indeed. Yuri gots tha fine ass :D. All of the ladies look lovely and all the males look will um gay

sooo…is there any more…:lovin:

I guess I can post what I have.

omg thank you !!!:lovin:

LOL @ yamazaki

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: