King of fighters question


OK im a fighting game player thats what i do and love and for some reason i have never really gotten into kof i wounder if now is the time. i remember my friends playing the older ones like on the ps2 and me thinking to myself man i should play this but they stoped playing and so i decided not to get into. now with online play im just asking yall is the new kof that good and should i play/buy it. Oh and if i do what are some good characters to start with beside terry


Read this thread first.

Yes, KOF XII is a good game. The netcode is horrible, though. Theres a 2nd patch coming for the 360 version, but no one knows if thats gonna make it any better/worse.


also… check out the Maximum Impact entries in the series… just kidding… but seriously the meira brothers are awesome… they need to make some 2D appearances…


hey, Reg-A is one of my favorites behind the standards…

then again some of my favorites are obscure fighters…