King of fighters questions

I have almost every single 2D KOF game for various consoles (I hate the 3D KOF) but I don’t have any games past KOF 2003 so I have a few questions:

  1. Is King of Fighters NeoWave a 2D fighting game or is it a 3D fighting game like Maximum Impact?

  2. What are King of Fighters XI and XII? I read that the Roman numerals means its the 11th and 12th games in the series. If you count however, isn’t Neowave the 11th game in the series? So are Neowave and XI the same game?

I ask this because I want to collect all the 2D KOF and I want to finish my collection.

  1. How popular is KOF today in the ARCADE? How popular is it in the United States? How popular is it outside the United States?

Well thats all the questions I have for now. Thank you.

Okay not to be mean dude but you see that thread in Fighting Game Discussion?

Take a look at it…its called “At the Eye of the Ragin Storm.”

Take a look at it…all of this I bust my ass to answer for you there…

I would recommend going there FIRST. Post all this there…we will all be happy to help you myself included.
Please someone close this thread…**

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Dark Geese

It’s 2D.

NW & XI are two different games.
KOFNW is a dream match type of game (apparently it was just a game made to test the Atomiswave hardware). KOF XI continues the story from where KOF2003 left off and its gameplay is closer to KOF2003 (tag play, QS, etc).

In USA, not very popular, unfortunately. It’s pretty popular in Latin America, though.

Thanks for your answers. Alright close it.

Now…do you PLAY the games competently, or are you just one of those annoying SNK collectors Capcom fans claim SNK fans are?

Just an annoying collector who likes Capcom games better.