King of Fighters Rebirth Episode 97-99 now live + Bonus News

Hello fans. First and foremost happy holidays from all of us here at KOF-R. Today we have some exciting news for all of you guys out there. First and formost, the long awaited chapter is now live on youtube featuring episodes 97-99. Stop by and check out the formation of the 96 Korean Team and enjoy the side story of how the orochi threat is continuing to grow. For our long time fans you know where to find us. For our new fans feel free to visit us at:

also you can feel free to click any of the link on this thread or copy and paste the information in my signature. Though not required it would be best for new members to start at episode 1 for season one or episode 65 for the start of season 2.

Now onto the big news! As our 100th episode is just about a month away, all of us at KOF rebirth are planning a special documentary episode to celebrate this momentous occasion. We would like for all of our fans, (Both good and bad) to take part in this event. If you ever had anything that you publicly wanted to say about KOF-R now is your chance to leave your mark on the series. All messages, videos, audio, or any other type of commentary you would like to add should be sent to rickthompson006 at youtube, or emailed to Our goal is to have this 100th episode up and running around the 27th-30th of this december so act now!

As usual, thank you all for making any of this possible and you have our eternal gatitude for being such great fans!

Have a nice holiday,

RT and the KOF-R Team