King of Fighters Rebirth Episodes 153-155 (Season III Premiere) is now live!


HI GUYS! :smiley:
I’m very, very happy to announce that the third and final season of KOF Rebirth has officailly begun!
Be sure to run over to youtube and see what’s happening as the the opening to the final KOF Rebirth season now beings!

IT has been a long road of five years that KOF-R has been a pet project of ours and we are excited that things have gone so well thus far. As usually I just want to send a shout out to all our fans and crtics alike as none of what we’ve accomplished over the past five years would have been possible with out any of you guys. Episoded 153-155 are now live and operational!!!

For new fans, head over to or simply click on the link in my signature below and welcome aboard. He’res hoping you’ll enjoy what so many others have as we make way through our final season.


RT and The KOF-R Team