King of Fighters Rebirth Episodes 65-67 (Season 2 Premiere Now LIVE)

Hey guys long time no see. For those of you who follow the series you know what the hold ups and hang ups have been for us trying to get season two up and running. Thankfully the wait is finally over. The season 2 premiere is now live on youtube and our sister site. As usually click this link…

and get caught up on any back episodes so that you may follow the story for ehte season two premiere.



Unfortunatly our viewer comments will not transfer over to this forum. Therefor if any of you guys would like to say anything, or if you would like to copy and paste your comments from youtube by all means leave a message.

As I sit back and take a look at how our first 6 episodes turned out 2 years ago it still makes me laugh that they made it out of post production. I suppose machinama is like MUGEN, the more you use it the better you get at it.

Thanks to you guys, the season 2 premier has only been available for 1 week and has already hit over 200 views! All of us at KOF-R just wanted to say thanks.