King of Fighters Rebirth Episodes 84-90 are now live on Youtube!

Hello fans! Here we are now in september and KOF-R has now turned three years old! Also as of this chapters release we have hit our 90th yes thats Nine Zero episode. We are just 10 episodes shy of hitting a legendary 100 episodes! Which if we arent mistaken, will make King of FIghters rebirth the longest running episodic machinima online! Again none of these milestones would be possible without the support and feedback of our fans. So again thank you all for everything and for making KOF-R the success that it is today.

On to this months chapter we have alot in store for you guys. But to prevent from spoiling too much be sure to catch this months release and let us know what you think. Athena and Kensou are on the scene and like last years episode we decided to make a mismash movie of sorts in order to help tell the story by using real anime combined with our machinima work. This chapter is the culmination of about 3 months of work and research and we hope you guys enjoy.

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RT and the KOF Rebirth Team

P.S this episode was hit by the Youtube police so be sure to use our sister site link in order to enjoy this episode with audio

King of Fighters Rebirth Episode 84 By Derrick Thompson On ExposureRoom