King of Fighters Recommendations


I’ve recently been playing KOF Orochi Saga allot (mostly KOF 97 and 98), and have started to really get into the franchise. I saw 99’ on the PS store, and people have been saying good things about 2002. So what King of Fighters games do you recommend?


I recommend posting in the King Of Fighters forum.


just play all of them


Competitively: 98, 98um, 02um, and XI.

Otherwise just have at it amongst all of them.


download ggpo on your pc home console gaming system


classic kofs: 95,98/um,2002/um
strikers kofs: 2000
tag system: xi


Don’t tell this guy to play 95.




damage abuse!?


Fixed. You know damn well Affinity told us what was up - KOF94 is what’s HOT now. The competitive community is bustling for that game…


eheh i see ur point xD


At times I question why this forum exists.