King of fighters VS Street fighter


I prefer kof because SNK doesn’t keep on making updates to the same game and it’s more technical then street fighter.


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Making “Vs” threads are frowned upon here…because it leads to pointless fanboy/girl-ism.
If you like one series over the other then whatever…don’t need to make a thread about it.


I just wanted to hear your opinions on why on you like either series better.


KOF players cant play footsies :lovin:
but yeah VS Threads are banned


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why is it more technical

what does that mean


Since Street Fighter 4 people that dont play SF or arent good SF players like to think that its not that deep and that KoF is more technical because it has a multitude of systems mechanics that easily persuade people who are meidocre FG players into believeing that more system mechanics = deeper fighting system.

Personally I think its weird for a game to have a jump, a hop, a dash, a roll, a super jump and a super hop.


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