King of Fighters Wiki via Wikia Open for Business

Please feel free to add whatever you like, KOF related to the wiki. Character profiles, plot and game information, trivia, etc. Just have a ball.

The KOF series has much to cover, and the series has long deserved an information spot such as a Wiki for along time. If you need help on places to gather info, then here’s a few links for ya to check out;

Let’s get it crackin’.

Do you think adding match vids for references would be a good idea?

I see no problem with that. Other Wikia sites have video posted, aswell. I suppose as long as if there’s an underlying reason, and not just to have it there. Be my guest. I’m adding content to it as we speak.

What is the point of that wikia if everything will be copy-pasted from wikipedia?

Only difference is that wikipedia has references and links to other articles.

Because not everyone goes to the same site. Really it’s not like people on Orochi or Cyberfanatix always check the SRK wiki or vice versa. Plus it’s good to have multiple sources for the sake of having info in case some site loses their info.

Shade: I’ll do whatever I can later today.

Place holder, until I (or someone) writes up one specifically for wikia, in greater detail, etc. You obviously know nothing about Wikipedia, or Wikia, because there’s just more you can do with Wikia, than you can do with Wikipedia. You’re hella restricted with content on Wikipedia.

Entire Wiki’s are dedicated to games, and game series on Wikia. Take a look for yourself.

In anyway case, if you don’t wanna actually contribute to it, fuck off. No one’s shoving it down your throat.

Hatred Edge: Awesome. I have several profiles typed up myself, that I’ll upload in the morning. Specifically;

Iori Yagami
Ash Crimson

I also wrote a short story summary for '99. Feel free to add, or remove parts of the content I’ll be uploading.

Also, expect new graphic/banner/button images around the same time tomorrow, aswell.


Im reading Wikipedia, im editing some minor mistakes from time to time and i`m thinking about starting wikia project on another game series. So yes, i know difference betwean Wikia and Wikipedia.

Oh, i do want to help but first impression left me wondering. As you said yourself there are wikias dedicated to games and i have read some of them, some of them have/had big part of their articles copied from wikipedia(or same author wrote article on both sites which makes no sense), others have BS fanfiction/dreams written as some kinda facts, no references and shit like that. First article left me that impression, if you are thinking about more seriously then i take my words back.

I won’t allow any “fanfiction” or whatever here. Only the facts. I already have several sources, including several “All About” like material, and translators, etc. etc.

As you can see, there’s literally nothing there, yet. It will grow, and it will be the wiki for KOF related information, and it will be extensive.

Then more power to you. If ill have some free time ill try to help out.

I’m interested in contributing as well (in whatever spare time I have). Which sections would you like me to work on?

wikipedia wouldn’t be keen on having character articles packed with frame data and stuff when they’re supposed to be biographies, man

anyway i’d probably be down for helping with gameplay info, is that the focus of this or is it more about the storyline or something?

Is this just for story/character/trivia stuff or also for ‘deep and technical lol’ stuff? Because I’m interested in uploading hitboxes for all the KOF’98 characters (the ones that haven’t already been covered in ) somewhere. I was going to put them in the SRK wiki, but image uploading seems to be down, so this KOF wiki sounds like a good place to post that stuff.

If it’s all right, then I’ll start uploading them (I’ve already finished Mai’s hitboxes).

I’ll see what I can find on whoever. For sure though(if they haven’t been uploaded yet) I’ll put in the Ash/K’/Vanessa/Kula tutorials.

To have Wikia for story only would be kinda pointless because as you said yourself biographies/story can be put on Wikipedia. I`m not Shade but i think that you should go ahed.