King of Fighters XI + NeoGeo Battle Coliseum

Well, the Japanese version had online battles, hopefully they didn’t limp out on the American version. Just getting a thread ready for when the American version of King of Fighters XI arrives on Tuesday… and if they kept online mode, I look forward to the fights that many of us will have.

sorry man but there will be no online mode for the us :sad:

Yea no online for pal either :frowning:

Damn ps2 and its crap online features, too bad this never made it to xbox.


My dreams are being killed off one by one for all my preorders

Yeah, it really sucks, I love this game, but for me there is no reason to get the US version now. =(


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I think it’s common knowledge that the PS2 rarely had online play and will most likely never get it again for upcoming releases.

Yeah, the only fighting games I know of with it were MK Deception and Armageddon

Looks like we’re getting XI on the 13th of next month, along with NGBC… Hopefully…

This game is pretty busted…
Brainless top tier characters Gato Kula Eiji…

Don’t forget Oswald.

Oswald u actually need alot of work inorder to play him good. If u don’t put work in him he’ll just be useles.
Altho he’s got that 3A bug of his.

Kula Gato and Eiji are the real top tier characters that doesn’t need work!

As for the online thing. Don’t even bother cuz I tried it in Asia with a 8MB DSL it still lags. It’s pretty bad I wouldn’t expect it for the American version.

I bet my life that this game is much more balanced than any Street Fighter/Crossover series.

I don’t understand, why only exclusive in Japan for online?

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That’s actually not mine. The line comes from Shang Tsung after watching Osvald, Kula, and Gato defeat Osvald, Kula and Gato at SBO finals.

Is rock or tery gonna be in it? when i had my Jap ver of da game i dint see terry in it but their gonna add some new characters right?


Terry’s Garou incarnation is in it.

You know, they could’ve made it online for the US version and people would be able to easily play online on a BC enabled PS3… Though, since BC is being phased out for the 40 gig model, it wouldn’t be a good idea.

SNK playmore requires a subscription to play their games online in Japan. I’ve went as far as changing my console ID to a japanese one to try and connect to the servers in Japan. After finally getting connected, I still couldn’t figure out what was going on (couldn’t read japanese).
Then after some research I realized that they require a monthly payment.
I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t bother adding online play to the US version, considering I got the PAL version and it didn’t have any online play. We can only hope though.


Just to note…IGN has Online on the features list of the Neo Geo Battle Coliseum and KoFXI.
Although it gives me a little hope, they were wrong in the past when they listed Online to the US version of KoF2006 months after its release.