King Of Fighters XII Bar Fights

I figured since gootecks started Street Fighters IV Bar Fights, and seeing KOF XII get a lot of hype. Why not start a King Of Fighters Bar Fights?

because kof 12 is not nearly as hype as sf4?

WHy don’t you start KOF XII bar fights?

I don’t know. a lot of people have been dreading SF4 and have moved on to KOF XII

King of Fighters XII Mexican Bar Fights would probably work better.

I’d play.

we should start a super smash brothers bar fight while we’re at it. I dont think it would cost too much to rent out Chuckee Cheese.

You may want to ask Dark Geese about that.

Also, KoF forum.

I think a bonafide bar fight would break out from that comment. Wait smash players aren’t old enough to get in bars anyway. Sorry about that.

But yea try asking people like DG or the people from A.I.

Why not let the game come out first…

gootecks hates kof and the people who play it

Does that mean he hates Justin Wong? Aside from that whole east coast west coast thing.

I actually play both Street Fighter and KOF because I like to have a variety

But then again a lot of KOF players are complete assholes so I would kinda see why. Perfect Example:

Snk is a trademark to me since i was young!!! Also the meaning in snk’s japanese translation is shin ninon kikaku also meaning in america new japan project!!! The best in retro gaming and fighting and also i love fighting games that has skill and no spamming unlike crapcom broke, unbalanced ass fighting games!!! So if you a crapcom fighting fanboy idiot that don’t shit about snk or kof and try to talk shit about both you can get the fucking stepping off my page you fireballs/ dragon uppercut spamming faggots!!! Snk founder eikichi kawaski is a legend to the business and brought back snk when it was gonna to be bankrupt for good and brought the company back alive with playmore and the legend will still live on with snk playmore so go crawl back under your crapcom rock caveman fagboy ppl that are brain dead to the glory and history of snk!!! And the best fighting game at e3 of 09 goes to snk’s kof 12!!! E3 09 nominee samurai shodown: Edge of destiny also in the running to win!!! The future is now snk playmore!!! And i love blazblue great fighter and better than garbage sf!!!

Yeah, I mean what’s more hype than two characters sitting at opposite sides of the screen for a minute and a half.:rolleyes:

This is about KOF bar fights.

Good for gootecks. No disrespect to him or anything, but who ever thinks “one guy thinks something” is an argument needs to gtfo.

i dont think thats a kof player