King of Fighters XII F.A.Q. Thread (Got any questions, CHECK HERE FIRST)

This thread is mainly made as pretty much the go to place if you’re having problems with control set up or don’t know about something or what. It’ll start out small, I’ll add more when its required. This is only for SYSTEM RELATED QUESTIONS. GENERAL STRATEGIES/DISCUSSIONS/CHAR REQUESTS have their own topics!!

Q. When I change my controls, it changes for both players. WTF

A. KOFXII uses a Controller Pofile System. There are 4 profiles. A/B/C/D. If both controllers are set to one profile, profile A by default, then it would modify both control setups. Just press r1/rb to scroll the menu to the next controller and change the control type/profile to any of the other letters and you’re in business.

Q. Why isn’t there no command list in Practice Mode. WTF

A. Many menus, including options, practice mode, and Online matchmaking, have multiple menu screens (You’ll be able to tell when u look at the bottom bar of the window and theres a 1/2 or 1/3) Press R1 or RB to scroll the menu to the next page (L1 OR LB to go back) and there are the rest of the options.

Q. Whats the story with the patches. Netcode sucks!

A. PS3 Just recieved a patch (1.01)on monday (July 27) that forces all ps3 users to install their game, improved menu loading speeds a bit, and added the friend match option in online mode. Players you vsed online now appear in the Players Met section of your XMB as well. All these things have improved the online somewhat, but I don’t believe in the present moment that this is the netcode patch thats been promised for the 28th (Tuesday).

Xbox 360 ver should be expecting the patch a little later on, due to Microsoft having to approve each patch before allowing it to go up.

Q. Whats the arcade Layout for this game?

There are several layouts, I’ll list them appropiately. A-weak Punch, B-Weak Kick, C-Strong Punch, D-Strong Kick

(A)(B)©(D) Classic Neo Geo Way, in a curve

**(A)(B)© **Another typical Neo Geo Layout

(B)©(D) Another Alt. Layout

(A)© Standard U.S. Layout. Also the controllers default Layout

I’ll Add more later, submit any questions and I or anyone else helpful will answer them. If its asked enough times, i’ll put it in the main page.


Is the blur effect on the models really the only option to fix the giant lack of anti-aliasing? Cuz they look pretty awful, yet move so smooth. =\

They’re not models, they’re sprites. and they’re purposely pixellated due to its art style known as “Dot Art” or “Pixel Art”. Is a site dedicated to the process and theory behind why they went with that specific style, along with a gallery of many of the chars standing animations and a few attacks.

Is there a thread/site explaining CC combos?

Char specific threads…People are posting their findings there. request there…

Reason why there’s no official release date for the Xbox 360 patch is because it’s expensive. Xbox charges those patches pretty high actually.

@DrumsAreNeat - Never played a KOF game before?

very little. I played fatal fury back in the day. wayyy back in the day. I knew everything was hand drawn, I guess I just figured they wouldnt be so pixelated.

If you see pixel art before. Then you’ll definitely be impressed with KOFXII.

Never been into graphic designing before? :rofl:

I see a lot of people using numbers to indicate directional inputs for moves. Could you provide a reference for how the numbers coincide with directions.

Look at your numpad.
8 is up
4 is back
2 is down
6 is forward

while 5 is neutral.
As for 7,9,1 and 3, You pretty much know what those are once you know 8,4,2 and 6.

So a typical fireball goes 236.

6 will always be forward, even if you’re on the 2P side.


Imagine 5 being the center (neutral) of the joystick, the rest is self explainatory

Ugh, your post made my post look all complicated. :sweat:


That’s upside down.

Is more like the number pad (and correct)

o snap, thanks for catching that. i rarely use the number pad -_-

Lol funny thing that I didn’t noticed that earlier too.
I guess I was just looking at the layout :lol:

Never knew 2 was jump!, Jk :lol:

Microsoft allows the first patch to be free, that way a developer has a chance to fix something they mightve missed at first without paying out the ass. The approval process is what takes so much time.

Dawn of war 2 for example wouldve probably gotten its large patch long ago if they didnt have to wait for Microsofts slow ass to approve it.

What’s the arcade button layout for this game?

I put the layouts on the top post

I like to use the american standard layout. All the years of playing SF, this is more natural to me.

Using my TE stick on KOF12 feels great!