King of Fighters XII F.A.Q. Thread (Got any questions, CHECK HERE FIRST)

I tend to use this layout:


makes it so much easier to pull shit off… My punches and kicks are both together.

Don’t you mean:


A and C are punches, B and D are kicks

Pheonix you need to let alot people know about auto-guard. Alot of my friends didn’t know about that shit, and Kyo’s oniyaki went right through whatever, samething with his Orochi Nagi.

yea yea your right, my bad didn’t notice that.

Haha no big, thanks for making this thread!

just one question…

when I read the combos people put in the character threads, I see CD a lot. wtf is CD :o

uhhhh its C and D pressed at the same time :wtf:

Triangle and circle at the same time
Aka: Throwback attacks


i see… haha… i figured it was an acronym for something like CC

thanks! new to kof :frowning:

I think that goes more into mechanics than anything else. and Char specific since not all characters have autoguards. Maybe i’ll delve into gameplay systems later on but this is more for like general Q and A.