King of Fighters XII

Couldn’t find a thread about this, KoF XII is confirmed for 360 and PS3 in early 2009 (So far away!)

It’s going to be a 3D fighter shaded to look 2D, we’ll see it in Japanese arcades first in late 2008.

3D, but look 2D eh? I’m betting it’s going to look shit in other words… why did they have to change it?

this is the end for snk!

… o wait… this is the 2nd end for snk!

Rumble Fish graphics…and it wasn’t bad ether…(sounds like I said this already)

a thread already? dayum we have to wait a year and some…

umm link? plz



If it’s like Battle Fantasia this isn’t really a problem.

Still kotaku has on more than one occasion talked out of their collective ass

yeah i hope it isnt true just because 2009 is too far away

It’s also possible Kotaku mixed up XII with Regulation A #2, which is/was also announced…

im amazed regulation a was successful enough to justify that

I was hoping that they were drawing the sprites from scratch like they were implying when they said “we are dumping resources that we’ve used for over 10 years”. I am really curious to know what their hand drawn sprites look like without a real hardware limitation.

they havent had a hardware limitation since kof 2003…

Fixed, they were still on NeoGeo for 2003.

i meant 2003 was the last neogeo game @_@

True, but they were using the same sprites(Which is about as good or bad as using the old hardware). The age of the MVS was showing as early as 2000 IMO. I want to see what their new sprites look like on the X2.

Most likely kotaku typoed and meant late 2008 for Japan. Having it one year away isn’t a shock. It took 2 yrs between 03 and XI, 3 years for a brand new system with brand new lots of things isn’t a shock.

I’m thinking the 3D shaded to look 2D could work, it used to be a cool, yet limited style way back when it began with Jet Set radio, but now cel-shaded 3D stuff can look pretty good. This also allows them to make many more characters than they would have if they were hand drawing all the sprites as animating a 3D figure is tons easier than animating by hand.

SNK has eeked it’s way back into the fighting game scene pretty well since coming back from bankruptcy, so I can’t wait to see what this game is like. Too bad there wasn’t any example pictures, but if it’s coming out 2009 they may not have much that is showable yet.

2.5D, huh? Wouldn’t this negate the need for MI?

I have a hard time believing this, it would no doubt work and probably look alright, but like d_mentia mentions, it sounds like it would be stepping on the toes of the MI series. And while it would work, I find it to be odd that SNKP would try such a radical departure on the main series.

Edit: That and like someone said earlier in the thread, SNKP announced Regulation A2. Which I don’t think they will turn 2.5 either but who knows.