KING OF GGPO 2012 - KING OF SUMMER - September 7-21, 2012


Congradulations to muthafuckin Jarek !!!


If we registered once, are we registered for all 3 tournaments?


You’ll have to register for each tournament separately. Round 2 registration is open!


Viva la Mexico! (Pronounced meheko)




spamming tigers is a solid strat:

u can even fake tigers n AA enemy


nice u right djf
congratz jarek


Thx on the upload Sabin.


LoL Bastard, best post evah! But you forgot the tiger uppercut!!1

Also if there is something i hate of these tourneys, are the people who doesn’t know how to fuckin’ READ. Every final has at least 10+ spectators, it seems like people can’t understand that going in and out of a match cause lag, thats why there is a stream (and for some other reasons like great commentary), im sorry but FUCK! it makes me mad.


lol I’ve been guilty of that =( my bad. I wanted to record the replay. Plus the times I’ve done it were when the stream was stuttering and I couldn’t watch the matches. I promise to never do it again lol.

Also…random eagle eye fact…that tiger is left handed lol


Thats because if you watch closer, the tiger is the 2P.


meh…he whiffed anyways


Welcome to the internet lol :frowning:


What’s truly terrifying is that, if you watch the entire video, they initially spot the tiger further away. That big ass orange-and-black cat, managed to camouflage itself in GREEN grass, sneak up on some dumbass riding an elephant who thinks a stick will defend him, and proceed to RAPE HIS SHIT.


This has also happened to me. Except some of those were laggers, which somehow turn your frame rate into shit, making characters teleport all around and turning all jumps into dive kicks.


The best thing to do, once you have connected and Sabin or whoever is streaming the match have joined the room, is to have both you and your opponent move to the lobby so no further spectators can enter. Because, yes, players on GGPO will not be considerate and/or listen to instructions from the tournament organizers.


I’ll never do it again I promise =( I feel like my God Father scolded me for peeking at my cousin while he was in the shower =(



Don’t worry, frijoles: no-one gets it right all the time. and it’s the diverseness that makes things interesting!


Thanks again kuroppi… let me apologize for my ol’ tail falling asleep cause I realized the joint started at 1am est… no 10 lmao

Anyway on the future tournies we can push it a lil earlier… 11pm est would be perfect but again not the organizer.


Koop, I think we may try to move up the Round 3 qualifiers an hour or two, not only to give an earlier start for EC players but also because the King of Summer finals will be following the conclusion of Round 3.