KING OF THE BEACH Tournament #2

Its time for another King of the Beach tournament with Tekken Dark Resurrection.

When: August 19th (sat) 4:00pm.
Where: Beach Gameland
483 Mandalay Ave. Clearwater Beach, FL 33767
Phone number: 727-444-4494

Tournament info: Registration is until 3:00pm. Entry fee is $10. There will be food and drinks during the tournament. The winner will receive a cash prize.

Pic of our set up during KOTB#1

Pic of some of the players:

Entry List:

  2. TheOnlyOne
  3. Ron Kazama
  4. Fireboy
  5. Omar
  6. Neuronaut
  7. Griffen
  8. Frankie Yagami
  9. Keith
  10. axe666
  11. Iverson187
  12. Will
  13. Cheesy e
  14. Old School
  15. Fraz
  16. Hotnix
  17. J-dizzle
  18. Cracker-Jack
  19. String Cheeze
  20. guy
  21. KingRey
  22. Seeduhh
  23. DSJN
  24. TheRealDon
  25. GoStupid
  26. CKZaibatsu

Post up if you want to be added to the list.

List has been updated!


This is gonna be a great tourney! Post up if you are coming!

one word… marvel…