King of the Couch - Looking for some TO's - NJ

Hey all,

I work for King of the Couch, one of (if not the) largest tournament organizers on the east coast. We have been in the business of organizing monthly and bimonthly tournaments for the past 5 or 6 years. Many pro and casual players alike have graced our events, and we always strive for excellence and a high caliber tournament experience.

Some of our past and present sponsors have included Gamestop, Gamer Graffixs, DeVry Universities, Bennigan’s Restaurants, ant the National Guard, and our players have been featured on Madden Nation (owner NJMADDENBALLER was on the very first season), MLG (Nexy and GH057ayame got their starts with us), and various radio stations in and around the tri-state area. To date, our largest event was the Gamer Graffix sponsored Massive Rhode Island tournament in 2006, where we had over 1500 players across 8 different games.

As of now, our biggest drawing games are Madden, Halo 3, and Gears of War 2. Every event we are growing ever bigger, with more player support and more games at each event. We are always looking for the next best game to add to our roster, which is where you guys come in.

At our last event (Feb 28th) we held a Street Fighter 4 tournament. While we had well over 300 players in attendance, we only had about 4 players show up for SF4 :shake:. I now realize there were 2 other tournaments in the region going on the same day, and the announcement of our event was a little short notice, so to be honest I’m not very surprised at the turnout. However, we see the potential for this game to take off and we know you guys at SRK are very dedicated to your games. So, we are looking for special individuals, preferably with some tournament organizing experience, to help us promote and organize tournaments for SF4 (and perhaps at some point, Tekken, SC4, and various other fighting games).

This is a great opportunity for these games to break out of the underground scene. We work hard to build the communities around our games and SF4 would be no different. So, if you live in or around northern NJ hit me up on aim, thesuicidefox, or even just send me a PM here on the forums. If you want to find out more about us or view our galleries, visit or (our NJ home website).

Thanks guys, and keep on gaming :nunchuck:

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