King of the Fort bi-weekly: Fort Myers, Florida on January 11th featuring SFV and UMvC3 (PS4)


Hello everyone. If you’re in the Fort Myers area and have been looking for competition, come out to our King of the Fort bi-weekly tournament on January 11th. Even if you’re not in the Fort Myers area, come on out and prove just how free the Fort Myers community is.

Information for the tournament:

Event Page:

When: January 11th, from 6 PM - 9 PM (registration starts at 6).

Where: 15248 S Tamiami Trail #800, Fort Myers, FL 33908 at 2 Drop Game Shop

Fees: Venue fee is five dollars, and game registration is five dollars each (so 15 in total if you sign up for both games).

There is NO VENUE FEEif you bring a setup to the event (a set up is: one Playstation 4 with a copy of the tournament game with DLC characters, one TV/monitor 24-30 inches and all needed cables).
We look forward to seeing you guys turn out!