King Of The Hill - Sunday Night Fights (Discussion)

I’m thinking of having people over on Sundays for casuals at my place… Maybe a tournament as well. I have a small house in Capitol Hill as well as a fairly large deck for grilling food. I have 2 360’s 2 Monitors and 1 720p Projector.

Trying to get a head count as too who would be into this.


I am all for this.

Cap Hill? I’m down for this

ill b down once my schedule changes. what games are gonna be played?

I’m guessing starting around 4 or 5 pm and going until 9 or 10. Any other takers?

I’m down. Not always free on Sunday evenings, but I would come when I can.

Yeah if this becomes a weekly thing I could eventually make it. I am right by Cal Anderson Park.