King of The Machine 3S/SVC Chaos )8/16



  1. Datrick Orr (Geese) 17 wins
  2. Randy Marks (Terry) 6 wins


  1. Cameron Buckner(Ryusa2) 36 wins
  2. Cameron Buckner(12sa1) 9 wins
  3. Datrick Orr(Kensa3) 9wins

GOOD SHIT fellas! This weekend was impressive fools. Me and Phalanx 120 had some bomb ass Makoto vs Ken matches. Where his punk ass Makoto kept coming out on top.
:confused: GG all in all though.

Datrick had some combos in Chaos that were waaaay too long. They shouldn’t let you do that by the way. Brandon is getting better with Ryu fools. He is still determined to win mainly on Shoryuken. I feel it can be done with Shin or Denjin.

Chaos is weird