King Of The South 2 Results!

King Of The South 2 Results.

Tekken 5-

  1. Jio
  2. Danger Mouse
  3. The Janitor

Soul Calibur

  1. Ceron
  2. Comeback Kid
  3. Roy


  1. Isaac Graham
  2. Bradon Swett
  3. Lucious

3rd Strike

  1. Alex Roski
  2. Jihad
  3. Jose


Had a pretty good show… Ima try to have another one here in about… 2 1/2 months… Keep ya eyes out for King Of The South 3! ^^


good shit

I had fun playing whoever I got to play in 3rd.

good shit isaac. how come i didnt know about this tourney =. was it in NC?

I would of showed up for mvc2 oh well next time ya’ll.

Good matches everybody. Thanks to you guys for throwing the thing…chill venue. Cool to see Charlotte again. Ceron holding it down. Finals with Ali was fun as hell, and thanks to Isaac for the tips during his own personal 80/20 in which I hopefully tied for last.

See everybody next one. Peace.

Good shit to everyone, special <3 to roski/phil/lucious for comin out. See you guys at the next one, and fear the jihad!!!

Tight work runnin’ the tourny Da Wasian.

Direct shoutouts to that man Roski, Lu, NC Tekken crew, Comeback Kid, Demo and whoever else I forgot.

Tre’4, peace.

Good games Alex … it was fun lol … and i got my ass kicked in MvC2 by grand master Isaac lol … but it was fun. :slight_smile: