King Of The South 2!

Tourney At War Zone…

Location: WarZone, West Field Mall, Gastonia NC
Tel: 704-864-6746


Time/date: Feb 4th, Signups start at 12:00… Tourney starts at 1:30… 2:00 at the latest…
Place: Warzone, 246 North New Hope Rd. Gastonia NC 28054
Entry fee: $10
Pots: 70%/20%/10%

Double elimination, 2/3 rounds.
Winners Finals, 3/5
Losers Finals, 3/5
Grand Finals, 4/7

Other Info:
-Tourney will be on console…
-WarZone is on the side of the mall Dilards is at… On the Lower floor…
-Wel’ll have drinks for you guys, cause I know ya get thirsty waiting for ya next round… But dont be greedy!
-all games will be on PS2 - of course bring ur own stick/controller

Considering Im running the tourney… I’ll be there… :slight_smile:

I’ll probably roll by there sometime this week to check things out over there. Just so you guys know our Mindboggle over at the 'Ville’s closed to make way for a Lenscrafters (boooo…)


I’ll be there for 3s and cvs2.

should be there for 3S

yo throw mvc2 in the tourny

Bumped… Damn, wheres the southren 2d fighter community…?

yo is anyone going to be at this tourny

Heh, SC3, and Tekken are having a great turn out… Lol

If I can get off of work (have to get someone to pick up my shift) I will try my best to make it out for CvS2.

I’m guessing you dont have MvC2. that really sucks. you should try and get on top of that. it alone will boost your arcades income.

the gas-house has an arcade though…thats fucking crazy. i thought everyone just practiced racism for fun there.
why did none of you guys come down to the REAL mindboggle in Charlotte when it was still around? we would of injoyed having you.

How are the controls on the 3rd Strike cab? joystick and buttons work alright?

BTW: a lot of people in charlotte play MvC2 if you could get it, just might boom your arcade.

MvC2 added then mang…

Some of us charlotte peeps should be there for all the 2d games.
And maybe a couple for the 3d.

What a cute avatar brandon. makes me wanna kiss you all night long.

You sure know how to sweet talk…

Me and Darrell should be there.

Brandon I just noticed your sig. That was hillarious when Rockefeller was talking about that shit.

Whatsup yall. I should be able to make this, just gotta get a shift covered. Don’t know who all I’ll be bringing yet though. Should be fun, thanks.

<3 Rock

Marvel added? I’ll for sure be there.