!King Of The South 3!

Tourney At WarZone!

Tekken 5 - PS2
SC3 - PS2
3rdStrike - PS2
MvC2 - DC
Halo 2 - X-Box

Time/date- June 10th, Signups start at 12:00… Tourney starts at 1:30
Place- Warzone, 246 North New Hope Rd. Gastonia NC 28054
Entry fee- $10
Door fee- $5
Pots- 70%/20%/10%

Double elimination, 2/3 rounds.
Winners Finals, 3/5
Losers Finals, 3/5
Grand Finals, 4/7

Halo 2-
1v1 MLG Rules.

Score to Win Round: 15
Round Time Limit: 15 Minutes
Suicide Penalty: None
Starting Weapon: Carbine
Weapons on Map: No Duals
Motion Sensor: On
Map: Warlock
Leave the rest of the settings as is.

Double elimination, 2/3 rounds.
Winners Finals, 3/5
Losers Finals, 3/5
Grand Finals, 4/7

Other Info:
-Tourney will be on console…
-Wel’ll have drinks for you guys, cause I know ya get thirsty waiting for ya next round… But dont be greedy!
-Bring your own stick/controller
-When you get to the mall you wanna go around back to the “main” entrance. You will have to go up a flight of stairs into a foodcourt. Pass right by the arcade on your left and keep straight to another flight of stairs that leads back to the bottom level. The shop is in the bottom corner and just check with the dude at the counter.
-If you can bring Systems/TVs please do so! Im sure I have it covered, but its better to be safe than sorry.

Nice, I’ll see if I can get off of work for 3S. Any chance of a CvS2 tourney (or even casuals)?

It was a no show last time…

Also, I only have it for x-box, so if you wanna bring the stuff to play it thats cool…
If you do, and enough people request it, we’ll have a tourney with it… If none of that happens, just casuals…

Animazement is on this day

And so is ECC. I know for a fact that all of the Charlotte Players will be in New Jersey that weekend, and im pretty sure that the Triad and the rest of NC will more than likey be at Animazement because they are also holding Tournies.

You throw really good tourneys, I went to the last one. I suggest you move this to the week before or the week after so that you get a better turn out.

And as far as MVC2 goes It should not be played on the PS2 for various reasons, If you want I can bring my Dreamcast so that we dont have to worry about that problem.

Good Luck.

Animazement will have tourneys in MvC2, NGBC, T5 and SS/. We might have more, but this is our current lineup. CvS2 is a great game, and we will have casuals of course, but no tourney (for Lu’s health!). 3rd is also left out due to ECC. There will also be Naruto, Melee, DDR and Nentendo DS game tournaments. The Gastonia event does have some games that will not be featured at AZ (Halo, SC3) folks may want to play, but ppl are right, a lot of NC is gonna be in Raleigh that weekend.

Im checking if 6/3, and 6/10 are open… Or any other dates in June… I know the owner of WarZone doesnt have anything open before the 5/27… I’ll keep ya’ll posted…

And Ima try to make it to Animazement… I had forgotten all about it…

I will try to cosplay if I come XD… Ima look like an idiot

I didnt respond to this… But yeah man, if ya dont mind bring ya DC… Ima try to buy one before to long… But yeah… Just keep me posted…

AND Date has been updated…

Nice, I can bring my dreamcast as well if need be.

How many people you expect for H2?

Cant be for sure… First time I have ever had Halo at one of muh tournies… But Im trying to get the word around about it…

I’ll be there…

sorry double post…

Halo and SC3???


Oh well, I’ll try to make it anyways.
I have an original copy of PS2 CvS2…so I can bring it or you can burn from mine if you have the neccessary tools so we can have PS2 CvS2 casual or a tourney…

Thats cool, If ya want, bring the TV, and stuff…

Hmm…how is this Warzone place?

Is it like Gamefrog with actual consoles and TVs?
Will there be more than 1 tourney going at a time?

Yes there will be more than one going at a time…

Naw, its not like Gamefrog… Im having to bring TVs, and consoles in… I encourage anyone to help out, lol… Its a gaming store, they play games Like War Hammer 40K… Shit like that… But the store is mine for the day, when I have muh tournies…

can we throw a team halo tourney

I’d rather do 1v1…

Do yo uknow wher eI can post this tourney up at…? Like a Halo 2 version of SRK…?

I’m sorry but Halo 2 is the worst possible FPS to do a one on one tourney. The game is designed strictly for team play. Every serious Halo player knows that. You would be better off doing a team tourney format. Either 2v2 or 4v4. Not only would it make the tourney run quicker it wold be a lot more balanced gameplay wise. Otherwise the winner will be the person who gets control over the 2 uber weapons first, and starts controlling the map, (Not very fun or fair). Team tourneys work out much better, if you can you should try and do it that way.

As far as other places to advertise for Halo… You can create and account on Bungie.net and make a thread there in the Tournament forum. However if they see that it is 1v1 don’t expect many replies.

You can also go on the MLG forums and advertise your tourney there, But i wouldnt reccomend doing that because a lot of those posters are elitist ass holes who will only play if you have the toruney run in an MLG format. Not that there is anything wrong with how they play its just that if they dont like the rules of the tourney you have they will bitch and cry about it the entire time they are there.

Hope this helps.