King of Wolves 2015 - 2vs2 invitation only tournament


Found out from Boss’s twitter this is happening on Sept 22.

Boss, Rikimaru
Tominaga, Mimora
MOV, Match
Deshiken, Ushi!?
Chance, Rori


Yakkun + SHO would be my favorite team.


Latest KOW:


the event will take place in akiba

the teams :
トミナガ ミモラ
ボス 力丸
mov マッチ
チャンス ロリ
弟子犬 牛!?
元気 ヴァナオ
こくじん ヌキ
ゲームセンター嵐 キャベツ



Hell yes Genki + Vanao.


Please tell me theres more…


There will be 16 teams: 10 invites + 6 last chance qualified ones. Teams will enter qualifier are:

  1. Hirai(KE/RY)/Shie(KE/UR)
  2. Kiraki(EL/KE)/Hiroyuki(CH/DU)
  3. Zabi(GO/UR)/Taihei(UR/GO)
  4. Youhei(DU/DU)/K(CH/KE)
  5. Marko(CH)/Otana(UR)
  6. UNO(IB/YU)/Shisokuso(KE/YA)
  7. Kochiya(MA/EL)/Furuya(MA/GO)
  8. Kowappa(YU/CH)/Panpina(UR/KE)
  9. Uminchu(AL/RY)/Tatsujin(CH/RY)
  10. Heboryu(KE/RY)/Komaki(MA/KE)
  11. Aruka(RY/IB)/Ruu(UR/RY)
  12. Kindevu(KE/YU)/Shoki(KE/YU)

10 invited teams:

  1. Kyabetsu(KE)/Arashi(GO)
  2. MOV(CH)/Match(GO)
  3. Rikimaru(CH)/Boss(KE)
  4. Vanao(RY/OR)/Genki(AL)
  5. Tominaga(MA)/Mimora(MA)
  6. Kokujin(DU)/Nuki(CH)
  7. Raoh(CH)/Higa(IB)
  8. Yakkun(YU)/Issei(YU)
  9. Ushi!?(YU)/Deshiken(KE)
  10. Chance(MA)/Loli(DU)


Deshiken?! Wow, that’s awesome! It’s been quite some time…

Last time I saw him play was about two years ago at Fukuoka green cup (2013) and his FT10 set against Matsuken:

Really excited too see him play again!


stream info?


Stream at:

From 9am JPN time.


Only 12 hours to go T___T
In the meantime here is 3rd Maniax


Aruka/Ruu <3

Also cool to see Kindevu competing


omg 8:47 in the past broadcast:

Never thought I’d see Deshiken vs Boss


Someone please record it in case they take it down


They are going to upload it to their YouTube channel later.


Man, this tournament was super sick. I feel hesitant to talk too much as there has not been much discussion as of yet. That said, so many great players and matches! Boss vs Deshiken was indeed awesome, but there were so many sweet matches.

All in all I’d just have to say, Deshiken is still a beast, and Nuki is a monster. Just chewing people up and spitting them out. Also Vanao/Genki was fucking amazing, and Aruka played sick in the qualifiers.



that backdash against boss’s throw was like frame perfect.


At 1:16, why didn’t Boss punish that blocked hado with super? I’m pretty sure you can catch him with it from there. If you can’t punish it, why would you dash in and let opponent hit you?


Probably wasn’t on his mind and/or too many thoughts running in a fast paced match that Deshiken brings, esp in a 1 game match.