King Safejumps / Safejump Setups



Hey guys, just wanna notice that I’m new to King so excuse me please in case any of these setups are ‘old’ etc.
Thanks in advance and I’m looking forward to see your own** setups**!

Reversal uppercut/safejump frame data is somewhat weird in this game ( eg. setup safejumps Sagat’s LP/MP Tiger Uppercut (4/5 Frames) but loses to Guile’s Flash kick (5 Frames) ) so I’m gonna use these uppercuts for testing as I assume they are consistent:
Cammy [4 frames]
Guile [5 frames]
Julia [6 & 7 frames] (LK & MK/EX upkicks)
If anyone can provide me with more detailed info about this I’ll be happy to put it into this main post.

–Combo Finishers–

Konvict Kick > DDT
Hold back, as soon as you start moving jump forward HK
**Video: **
[4+ Frames, Manual timing]

Running Jaguar Bomb HP
Backdash, cr.LP (imperfect timing), jump forward HK/HP
**Video: **
[4+ Frames, Manual timing (Perfect timing whiffs)]

Reverse Arm Slam Combo
Crouch, Neutral jump HP
**Video: **
[4+ Frames, Manual timing]

–Command Throws–

Giant Swing >>Corner only<<
Forward dash, hold up forward, late jumping MK
**Video: **
[4 Frames, Automatic timing]

Delayed jump forward late jumping MK
**Video: **
[4 Frames, Manual Timing]

–Normal Throws–

Forward Throw
Standing Jab, Superjump forward HP/HK
**Video: **
[4 Frames, Auto Timing (?)]

Back Throw
Hold Up, Neutral jump HP
[7 Frames, Auto Timing]

–Super Combos-

Wonderful Mexican Special Combo
Crouch (long), Neutral Jump HP
**Video: **
[4 Frames, Manual timing]

>> Wonderful Mexican Special Combo >> Muscle Buster
>> Hold Up forward, Jumping HP/HK
>> [7 Frames, Auto timing]


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