King Teams

Trying to get a team with nice synergy. Was going for Kuma on point but don’t know if I like it so much

Im currently using King on point and Hwoarang at anchor. Its been working out so far. I will say this King with a Rushdown character as a partner is down right scary.

May just have to try that. Is there any tag in throw combos for king?

Heihachi on point, King 2nd.


no joke man. Heihachi any combo into DP KK means free 3x Knee’s from king and either j.HK (tag) into more hurt from Heihachi or :hcb: PP throw or Super. Looking at 500 Damage minimum combos for 1 bar. I’ve done combos that are closer to 700, but they start with King on point which i’m not too fond of. I like to use Heihachi to get close then tag King in for the kill since they can’t block most of his grabs. Plus IMO Heihachi is a better zoner, and deals with projectiles better IMO.

i use Kazuya on point and King as anchor

It seems anchor might be the best spot for King based on dem knees off a switch cancel. He’s pretty much the only character I’ve committed to early on learning, might just play him on point because he’s fun despite how much damage he can do coming in on a tag. Apart of me is worried about relying on him when I need to get my point character out. Almost seems like it’d be a safer to have a character that can take care of King’s bad matchups/weaknesses as your backup plan not the other way around.

Zangief as the front man and king as anchor has been working fairy well.

I’ve been playing around with Raven on point as he is one of the few chars who can teleport, but also has a very solid horizontal zoning game. So far it has been working out rather well. His cr.HP loop is incredibly solid, the tag on it is a bit tight but leads to silly amounts of damage due to low amounts of hits. I’ve also been thinking about trying out Kazuya on point as well due to some of his awesome juggles.

I’m quite enjoying my Nina/King team so far.

I was interested jnockdown this. mind sharing some of your bnbs with this team? Im looking to pick up nina

Vega/King works really well. His long, good pokes work well as hit confirms into tag combo.

Im having a crack at Law/King, seem to link up well so far. Plenty of juggle opportunities provided by law, King there to lay the hurt!

King is a very solid character so far. Really enjoying playing him :smiley:

Abel + King stuff, for anyone using/wanting to use this team


King’s the anchor character, no way around it. He’s as meter hungry as the metric system and has the highest tag damage combos I’ve found just due to dem knees.

Current teammates I’m messing around with
Asuka (Fairly meter free, builds it fast, can combo off your overheads for damn solid damage and has an overhead ground for King to Knee off of. Problem is that her footsies suck and she simply has no way to get in against low fireballers)
Sagat (The King team, provides excellent meter building and zoning, solid footsies. I’m just not very good with Sagat, but I’m working on it)
Rolento (Incredible footsies and pressure game, great against zoners, builds tons of meter with very little needed on him. Scales juggle combos pretty harshly due to needing all 3 Rekkas before a Knee juggle from what I’ve seen though, and I haven’t gotten a good handle on his mobility options)

Guile might be a good idea, but I can’t stand his gameplay. Ryu probably also works, but I’m not a fan of playing a Hadoken Bro either. I think your point needs to be both meter free and good about building said meter. Then either great zoning or solid footsies. Seeing as King does excellent damage off even a mid-screen magic series launcher, I think being able to tag cancel into the Jaguar Knees is still fairly important, but comes after those strengths. I’m mostly messing with Tekken characters though, because they’re effectively all new to the series and thus loads of fun, but my current thoughts on decent partners from the SF side


Everyone there tends to be fairly meter free and either has great footsies or zoning powers. I’m thinking about trying Jin as well for his zoning prowess. Raven could work, but he seems fairly meter heavy so that’s probably a no go.

Can you explain how you’re getting 500+ dmg with 1 bar? Also I don’t understand what you mean when you say you get free 3x knees off heihachi’s DP KK(EX?). Are you talking about tag canceling? if so that costs a bar and only does around ~400 with the king knees into grab follow up.

And what is this :hcb: PP input you’re talking about? only heihachi has that input and i don’t see how the combo would benefit much from ending in his EX raijin stance.

I think he’s talking about EX RASC, but I don’t think there’s any time I would ever use RASC other than to blow through attacks; if you could use it in a combo, you can either use a RJB for equal damage, EX RJB for more damage, or EX Konvict for combo continuation. I guess if there is a specific situation where you can’t continue after an EX Konvict Kick and scaling is down to 30% where a DDT would do less damage? Honestly, I don’t find the need for meter in King combos outside of a single EX Konvict and then maybe a super to do more damage OR comboing into the Cross Art. You NEED that meter; don’t blow it on what often amounts to around 10 damage at the end of a combo unless it will ensure a KO.

Honestly, it’s really hard to get efficient damage with tag cancels off King; you just do so much damage with the Upknees, and scaling kicks in so hard near the end of combos.

Cammy / King is working really well for me so far. Either special ender from Cammy (Cannon Spike, Spiral Arrow) can easily combo into Kings knees and knock down. My Cammy is designed to get people to open up, and King just maximizes the damage.

My fav thing about it is her basic punish with King does 521 damage for only 1 bar!

Combo is

Jump in Roundhouse
Close Roundhouse
Jump Cancel
Cannon Strike
Stand Fierce
Cannon Spike
King Tag
3x Knee
King Air Throw ender.

Really fun stuff, and its only day 2 for me!

I am playing Cammy & King as well and I really like it. I think I will stick with them for a good minute.

I’m thinking of pairing up the two just like that. Got a decent Gief, and having King as support could really screw people’s game. On the downside, I’ve noticed a lot of people scared to get close to Zangief. Hence why I get quite a few timeouts. It’s annoying to say the least.