King vs Hugo matchup



I’ve been having plenty of trouble against Hugo, as I can’t seem to ever find an opening. Not really sure what to do, and just “poking away” does little to no damage due to his health, not making it a viable strategy unless you decide to chain the attacks…which if blocked leaves you open for a command grab.

The only thing that occurs to me is doing Giant Swing as Hugo runs forward with his charged Lariat, and even then that’s a risky move.

Any help, fellow Kingsmen?


Counter. It’s a standing move, you get a free 170 damage or so and a hard knockdown. Otherwise just jump and punish. EX Giant Swing should also work, as should EX RASC (hell, normal RASC might win due to it being an attack throw).

I think you can punish a lot of his poking with a Jaguar Step mixup due to how slow his normals are. :hk: might also work, as it beats his low pokes


attack throw wont work against armor, try max range stlk canceled to cr mk/stmk, breaks his armor and you can go to launcher / ex kick
shoulder is also nice


Spam those knees when you’re close. They can backbreaker you out of them, not too sure what else though because I’ve yet to fight a Hugo that has an answer to me kneeing them in the face constantly. It even goes over/through his poke attempts.


Be careful using Jaguar Step->Overhead, because he can use Shootdown Backbreaker on it if the player has good reactions.


After a one of those jumping down.fierces they nearly always go for a low poke so sometimes if i’m in danger of getting cornered i’ll do ex low command throw.


I don’t know if it’s just me, but king’s own body press, jumping MP, seems to beat hugo’s body press. If I know they are going to try to stop me from jumping with that thing, I hit MP the moment I jump and beat them a good 70% of the time.


Anyone know what to do against Hugo’s j.HP cross up and that cr.Lk xx Clap bs?


Backdashing after the cr.LK works.