KingBlackToof USF4 v1.1 Mod Lobby


Anyone wanna play matches? I use only yang and im not that great with him or anything, but i want to try out the new changes against people.

Link in the video Description.
Game goes out of sync if you play against someone that doesnt have the MOD installed.

add my GT : Don illmatix and shoot me a msg or post here


Hey, if you are still interested in playing the mod I’ll play with you. my GT is jabfadcjabfadc. I’ll send you a message online in the mean time


Just wanna tell you that he’s currently updating all the mods for the latest changelist. He actually streams himself modding it on his channel ( KingBlackToof )
It shouldn’t be as long as making the 1.1 version, so they should be out soon.